Bachelor's in Business Administration - Legal Studies

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Legal Studies program gives students a comprehensive business education and develops their communication and critical-thinking skills. Keep reading to learn what graduates can do with these degrees.

Essential Information

Major studies and electives in a 4-year BSBA in Legal Studies program give students the chance to delve into various legal aspects of business. By analyzing data and becoming familiar with the law, they learn to apply their legal knowledge to real-world situations. In some cases, BSBA in Legal Studies programs are designed as pre-law degrees, though graduates can pursue other careers. To get a more concentrated education, graduates can enroll in a master's or doctoral degree program in the legal field.

Admission usually only requires a high school diploma. However, some schools might recommend or require specific math and pre-business courses before enrolling.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Introductory courses in a BSBA program help students develop a strong foundation in writing and business fundamentals. Through concentration courses and electives, they can study subjects like business law and corporate crime. Additional course offerings can include:

  • Hospitality law
  • Environmental law
  • Legal writing and research
  • Cyber law
  • Real estate law
  • Business ethics

Popular Career Options

While graduates can continue their education to become attorneys, that is not the only career choice for an individual with a BSBA in Legal Studies. Supportive specialists, business managers, financial experts and other industry professionals can also benefit from these programs and might not require any further education. Some job titles for a law-trained businessperson might include:

  • Estate planner
  • Banker
  • Real estate professional
  • Marketing manager
  • Legal assistant

Continuing Education

A graduate of a BSBA in Legal Studies program can enroll in a Master of Business Administration program, which allows them to pursue specialized studies in a number of areas, such as finance, legal studies or management. Some schools let students tailor the program to fit their career needs or goals. Aspiring lawyers can pursue a Juris Doctor degree after earning their BSBA.

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

In 2015, personal financial advisors earned an annual median salary of $89,160, while legal assistants and paralegals brought home $48,810, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Predicted employment growth for personal financial advisors was much faster than average, at 30% from 2014-2024. During that same time, the BLS projected an 8% increase for legal assistants and paralegals, which was average for all occupations.

A legal studies BSBA program consists of courses related to business law. Graduates of this program may find careers as estate planners, marketing managers, legal assistants or other business careers involving the law.

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