Bachelors Degree in Automotive Technology: Program Overview

Bachelor's degrees in automotive technology focus on mathematics, mechanics and engineering principles. These programs also often stress hands-on learning.

Essential Information

In a bachelor's program in automotive technology, students explore the research and design aspects of automobiles and vehicle systems. Students get hands-on workshop experience and training, as well as opportunities for automotive engineering internships. Common areas of study include automotive design, vehicular systems, calibration, development testing and automotive technology maintenance. The degree program can usually be completed within four years.

  • Program Levels in Automotive Technology: Bachelor's degree
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma with strong math skills (associate's degree for some programs)
  • Program Length: Four years
  • Other Requirements: Program includes strong hands-on component

Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Technology

A bachelor's degree program in automotive technology focuses on engineering technologies used in the modern automotive industry. To be successful in this program, it is helpful to have a strong aptitude for mathematics and hands-on activities. The curriculum typically covers the following topics:

  • Automotive marketing and manufacturing
  • Diesel and heavy equipment
  • Automotive electronics
  • Collision repair
  • Fuel systems and emissions
  • Suspension and alignment

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

The types of organizations that hire automotive technology graduates include service and parts management companies, automobile sales and marketing companies, advanced vehicle systems research facilities, collision repair service institutions and automotive insurance service companies. Graduates of bachelor's degree programs in automotive technology may be qualified for the following positions.

  • Field product development engineer
  • Warranty and service engineer
  • Insurance claims adjuster
  • Automotive management trainee
  • Automotive technical writer

Graduates of automotive technology bachelor's programs can also find jobs as automotive technicians. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job openings for auto technicians were projected to increase 9% between 2012 and 2022. This rate was about average when compared to other job sectors, and technicians who completed postsecondary training programs were likely to have the best opportunities for employment. The median annual salary for these workers was $37,120 as of 2014, reports the BLS.

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