Bachelor's Degree in Fashion: Program Information

A bachelor's degree program in fashion design teaches students about the creative and business elements of the fashion industry. Students learn how to sketch their designs and are trained in how to market and sell new fashions.

Essential Information

A bachelor's degree program in fashion usually takes four years of full-time study to complete. Students in this program spend a great deal of time creating garments in studio settings and developing portfolios of completed designs. Many universities also require that students gain some hands-on experience before graduation, either through internships, work-study programs or student-run fashion shows featuring original designs. Common prerequisites include a high school diploma. Foundational courses in art history, communication, economics and mathematics could also be beneficial to students enrolling in these programs.

Bachelor's Degree Program in Fashion

A bachelor's degree program in fashion is a professional program that teaches students the art of fashion and then gives them the opportunity to apply what they have learned. Programs include theoretical courses about fashion design and practical courses related to garment creation. Some examples of course topics commonly found in such a program include the following:

  • Fashion marketing/merchandising
  • Fashion sketching
  • Textiles and pattern drafting
  • Apparel production
  • Consumer behavior and forecasting
  • Fashion design studio

Popular Career Options

An undergraduate degree in fashion design can lead to several entry-level positions in the fashion industry. Some of these might include the following:

  • Apparel designer
  • Textile designer
  • Fashion stylist
  • Fashion marketing associate
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Retail store manager
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Wardrobe consultant
  • Showroom supervisor

Continuing Education Options

Advanced degrees in fashion are available for students who complete a baccalaureate program related to fashion design. Master's degrees are offered in the subjects of apparel design, textiles, fashion merchandising, fashion marketing and visual merchandising. Students often spend 1-2 years of study in these programs, learning about advanced garment design techniques or business strategies as they relate to the fashion industry. A graduate degree in any one of these areas could prepare individuals for positions of leadership or management in the fashion design industry.

A bachelor's degree program in fashion provides students with coursework and hands-on experience for both the business and design aspects of the field. This training can lead to entry-level positions ranging from fashion merchandiser to illustrator as well as graduate study to prepare for more advanced careers.

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