Bachelor's Degree in Humanity Studies

A bachelor's degree in humanity studies program focuses on multiple disciplines, including religion, art, history, English, philosophy, and music. Humanities students will be able to attain a flexible degree that caters to their multiple academic interests.

Essential Information

As a part of a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum, humanity studies borrows from multiple academic disciplines. Programs in the humanities tend to be flexible and to require students to implement a coherent course of study.

  • Program Levels in Humanity Studies: Bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Program Fields: English, music, history, religion, art, and philosophy
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or equivalent, strong GPA and ACT/SAT test scores
  • Online Availability: Programs are available online
  • Other Requirements: Senior thesis, internships

Bachelor's in Humanity Studies

During the first two years of studies, most students complete general education requirements and then continue on to core courses within specific concentrations. The curricula within humanity studies programs vary greatly, but provide students with important skills in speaking and writing. Some programs may include a humanities internship which can help students gain real-world experience as well as course credit. Courses offered may include:

  • Literature
  • Interdisciplinary arts
  • Philosophy
  • Business writing
  • Theology

Popular Careers

After graduation, students can enter the workforce and hold administrative level positions within organizations. Some popular fields of employment include education, advertising, marketing and sales, corporate communications, government, law and social service. Within those industries, graduates can find numerous options including:

  • Copy editor
  • Lobbyist
  • Account executive
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager
  • Sales management
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Social work assistant

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

OccupationProjected Job Growth, 2012-2022Median Annual Salary, May 2014
Social and Human Services Assistants 22%$29,790
Editor -2%$54,890
Advertising and Promotions Managers 12%$96,720
Sales Manager 8%$110,660

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Note: the average job growth for all occupations is 11%.

Continuing Education Information

Bachelor's degree program graduates can pursue advanced degrees in humanities or their chosen field of study within the liberal arts. A Master of Arts in Humanities typically takes two years to complete and culminates with a thesis. Like certain undergraduate programs in humanities, many master's degree programs in humanities offer concentrations in specific areas of liberal arts. A Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities program features a curriculum dictated by a student's concentration. Students write and defend a dissertation based upon their coursework.

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