Barber Continuing Education Programs: An Overview

Barbers keep their skills and licenses current by completing continuing education programs. Learn where to find these programs and about licensure requirements for barbers.

Schools and Programs

Barbers are licensed cosmetology professionals who cut hair, trim beards and provide other skin and hair services for men. Barbers attend continuing education schools and programs to develop their skills and to fulfill license renewal requirements. More information is available below.

Programs At a Glance

Program Program Length Prerequisites Class Format
HIV/AIDS CE Course 2 credit hours Licensed barber Online
Continuing Education for Barber/Cosmetologist Course 6 credit hours Licensed barber On-campus

Barber Courses

Course topics vary by state and by school. Generally, states that require continuing education for barber's license renewals require classes in health and safety issues. Some continuing education courses for barbers include HIV/AIDS education for barbers, sanitation and safety procedures, barbering laws, ethics, product knowledge, and barbering techniques.

Technical schools, community colleges and cosmetology schools offer continuing education courses for barbers. Additionally, barbers can earn continuing education credits by attending workshops or seminars at trade shows and professional conferences.

Licensure Requirements

Barbers must be licensed by the state in which they work, and licensure requirements vary by state. Some states require barbers to complete continuing education on a regular basis for license renewal. For example, Iowa requires all barbers to complete eight hours of continuing education courses every two years. There are also states that only require some barbers to complete continuing education. For example, Wisconsin only requires barbers with less than eight years of experience to complete continuing education hours every two years.

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