Become a Film Production Assistant: Step-by-Step Career Guide

Research the requirements to become a film production assistant. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the step-by-step process to start a career in film production.

Should I Become a Film Production Assistant (PA)?

Film production assistants perform numerous jobs on set including making copies of scripts, running errands, assist with camera shots and move film equipment, among other things. The number of production assistants on a set and the amount of money they earn depends on the budget of the film.

Production assistants typically make a below-average salary and work very long and irregular hours. Few make a long-term career out of this position. However, putting in time as a PA on film and television sets can prepare individuals to take on positions with more responsibility or creative influence.

Career Requirements

Degree Level No degree required, but most jobs require on-the-job experience or at least an associate's degree
Experience Knowledge of media production and techniques
Key Skills Good communication skills (especially listening and speaking), time management, good decision-making and problem-solving abilities
Salary (2015) $13 per hour (Median hourly wage)

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Step: 1: Earn a College Degree

A production assistant position is usually a stepping stone to a higher level career in the film industry. Individuals seeking production assistant work may be recent college graduates who want to become producers, work behind the camera or edit footage. Individuals with associate's or bachelor's degrees in film and video production, or a related area of study, have a competitive advantage when applying for this highly sought after positions. To prepare for various film-related careers, students will need coursework involving lighting and sound, screenwriting, cinematography, camera operation, directing, editing and producing.

Step 2: Participate in Student Films

In addition to teaching students the basics of film production, some degree programs in film and video production offer students the opportunity to create a student film. Students write their own short script, audition actors and take on directing and editing responsibilities when creating these projects. Other students will work as crew members and have the chance to help with the production process. This is good preparation for production assistant work and will give students experience on sets.

Success Tip

  • Determine specific career path. While working on a student film, students should begin developing an idea of what aspects of film production they enjoy. Whether it's camera operation, lighting or sound, they may get an opportunity to focus their skills in these areas on numerous projects. Once a student is on set as a production assistant, he or she may utilize those specific skills and gain additional experience.

Step 3: Find Employment Opportunities

After graduating, individuals will typically be qualified for entry-level positions such as production assistant. Some degree programs may offer internships with production companies that can help recent graduates begin their career. Attending networking events may also provide employment opportunities.

Step 4: Attend Seminars and Training Events

Some organizations offer training programs and seminars for those either already working as production assistants or those competing for production assistant positions. These programs are especially helpful for those who don't already have a degree in a film-related field. Those who have already obtained a PA position can use these programs to gain additional experience for career advancement. Those competing for PA jobs might gain a competitive edge and acquire additional experience by attending these events and seminars.

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