Best Schools with Graduate Programs in Philosophy: List of Schools

Philosophy is the study of theoretical issues regarding knowledge, morals, logic, the brain, and existence. Read on to learn about schools where you can earn a graduate degree in philosophy. Find out what makes these schools distinctive, and see if one of these programs is right for you.

School Overviews

Several top graduate schools offer degrees in philosophy that range from master's to doctoral levels. Two schools on the east coast are recognized for their philosophy programs. Students can choose from master's and doctoral programs as well as dual-degree options.

1. New York University in New York

School highlight: The New York Institute of Philosophy funds major research projects, conferences, workshops, and public lectures available to students.

NYU's graduate program is known for its courses in logic, metaphysics, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind and epistemology. NYU's Department of Philosophy offers programs awarding Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. The department also offers dual-degree programs in law and philosophy, and medicine and philosophy. The M.A. program requires 32 credits and a research paper, and doctorate students need to complete 72 credits and finish a dissertation.

2. Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ

School highlight: The philosophy program director is editor-in-chief of two leading philosophy of law journals.

Rutgers offers a 5-year Ph.D. program that provides students with knowledge of the major areas of philosophy. The program is designed to help students develop their skills in logic and critical thinking, preparing them for jobs in academia, research and writing. There is also an MA in Legal Philosophy available.

Top Philosophy Graduate Programs

School Name Distinction Location
Brown University Master's degrees only awarded in progress to a Ph.D. Providence, RI
Columbia University Philosophy department publishes the Journal of Philosophy New York, NY
Harvard University Grad students can pursue a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a Ph.D. in Philosophy simultaneously Cambridge, MA
Princeton University Philosophy department hosts the Women in Philosophy workshop Princeton, NJ
University of Arizona Philosophy department runs the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, which sponsors research, education and community outreach Tucson, AZ
University of Chicago Philosophy department operates the Elucidations podcast, featuring philosophers speaking about their work and expertise Chicago, IL
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor University offers graduate study in ancient philosophy, a collaborative effort between the philosophy and classical studies departments Ann Arbor, MI
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill The Chapel Hill Colloquium welcomes philosophers to enjoy three days of papers and discussion every fall Chapel Hill, NC
University of Pittsburgh Campus includes the Center for Philosophy of Science Pittsburgh, PA
University of Southern California Students have access to the campus' Hoose Philosophy Library Los Angeles, CA

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