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Camp Counselor Jobs: Duties and Requirements

Individuals who have an interest in working with children and teens might consider starting out with summer jobs as camp counselors. Guiding campers in outdoor and indoor activities, these counselors strive to make the camp experience safe and fun. Although there aren't stringent degree requirements for camp counselor positions, camp-related educational programs are available.

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Job Duties of a Camp Counselor

Camp counselors supervise camp activities and develop recreational plans. They generally work with children in residential summer camps or day camps. Their job duties include guiding teenagers and children in camping, swimming, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. Counselors at residential camps are responsible for leading groups of campers in activities such as horseback riding, singing campfire songs and staging talent shows.

Other job responsibilities of camp counselors include enforcing safety rules in the camp and knowing where the campers are at all times. The camp counselors are responsible for the health and safety of their charges, and they lead campers in fire drills and emergency procedures. Counselors may organize camping trips, plan and schedule group activities, provide emotional support, greet new campers and explain all the rules of the camp.

It is the job of camp counselors to oversee all day-to-day activities. Counselors assist campers with meal times, cleaning up cabins and getting ready for bed. They must ensure that all campers are dressed properly for the weather and the recreational activities they'll participate in on any given day. A good counselor should learn their campers' likes and dislikes and gear them towards activities in which they'll excel.

Sometimes it's necessary for camp counselors to drive, such as when they're picking up campers or taking them back to their homes. Camp counselors should be prepared to work night and weekend hours, because supervision of the campers' cabins is also needed during these times. Many camp counselor positions are only available on a seasonal or part-time basis.


Many camp counselors are young people themselves, and therefore college degrees aren't required for all positions. Teenage camp counselors do need to have good moral character, patience and a high level of maturity. Camp counselors should possess leadership skills as well.

Age requirements for camp counselors vary, but most counselors should be at least 15-18 years of age. They should have some expertise and experience in the activities they'll instruct, such as kayaking, drama, music or tennis. Counselors should be physically fit and in good general health.

Training and Education

There are counselor training programs that combine training with on-the-job experience. These programs allow prospective camp counselors to learn to work with and lead children, plan events and learn about child development. Training programs can last up to two weeks.

If a counselor wants to go on to work for a large organization, or if he or she wishes to become a camp counselor on a full-time basis, then at least an associate's degree is needed. Students might major in leisure studies or parks and recreation, and they may specialize in areas such as athletics or art.

Sometimes it's necessary to become certified, especially for those who plan to work as lifeguards and teach water-related activities. Lifeguard certification requirements vary by state - or even by county or city - so applicants should ensure that they meet the specifications of the area in which their camp is located.


Those seeking long-term careers in this field may want to advance into supervisory and administrative jobs. Such positions will require at least a bachelor's degree, and higher-level jobs are more accessible if one holds a master's degree in a subject like parks and recreation. Similar degree programs include sport and tourism, camp administration and outdoor education. Students can also enroll in a recreation management course and take classes in leisure and recreation or program planning.

Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that recreation workers, which included camp counselors, made a mean yearly salary of $25,560 in May 2013. The majority of salaries for these workers landed between $16,990 and $38,890 the same year. Recreation work jobs were predicted to increase 14% from 2012-2022, which was average growth.

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