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Careers in Computers

Mar 29, 2011

Innovation in technology influences how we live as much as any other aspect of modern life. Computers perform increasingly complex tasks that have the potential to improve our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Read on to learn about five employment areas where you can turn a love of computers into a career.

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Computer Networking

The true power of a computer is in its ability to network or 'talk to' other computers. The Internet, after all, is nothing more than a system of connected computer networks that exist all over the world. On a smaller scale, companies and other organizations of all kinds must have computer networks to connect employees and deliver services.

Computer networking jobs can entail diverse specialties. Network architects design and test communications systems. Administrators of these systems often install and maintain networks on company computers. Security specialists ensure that data is protected. There are even more specialties you can pursue that might match your interests.

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Computer Science

Computer scientists are highly trained professionals who create new technologies. These advances might be in hardware functionality or other computing improvements. Discoveries are also sought in robotics, virtual reality and other relatively new technological areas that are only now being fully explored.

Computer scientists often perform research on computing processes and work to make them more efficient or innovative. These professionals may work with others, including mechanical and electrical engineers, to solve technological dilemmas.

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Computer Software Engineering

Having a computer with super-fast computing capabilities isn't a lot of good on its own. The appropriate software is needed to make computers function. Engineers and programmers design, write and test this software to meet business, entertainment and other computing needs.

Professionals responsible for developing software create products ranging from video games to network support products for office environments. These diverse opportunities allow you to pursue work that matches your personality.

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Computer Support

Along with the development of every new technology comes the need to ensure people know how to use it. Computer support personnel perform this function. Employed by companies and other organizations of all kinds, these professionals offer expertise that can help efficiently resolve workflow issues.

Computer support staff may assist people with technological issues on a given site. Others work in centers where they field calls or emails from customers across the country. This career can be rewarding if the idea of working with computers while also helping people appeals to you.

computer jobs

Computer Systems Analysis

Becoming a systems analyst might be a good career route if you enjoy working with others to address technological puzzles. Job responsibilities for systems analysts are diverse and can include the areas of business, research and innovation as well as engineering. For example, a systems analyst might be asked to set up a company's computers so that employees can input information into an organization-wide database of customer profiles. At the same time, these professionals must work closely with managers to agree on organizational objectives.

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