Christian Architecture Colleges: How to Choose

Many Christian colleges emphasize a liberal arts education that prepares future architects for graduate school while training them to consider how their faith informs their profession. Although it is possible to enter the field with only an undergraduate degree, most architects earn a master's degree.

How to Choose a Christian Architecture College

Several Christian 4-year colleges and universities offer both bachelor's and master's degree programs in the field of architecture. These programs are usually available through an institution's school of architecture, engineering or design.

Summary of Important Considerations

  • Degree options
  • Practical opportunities
  • Religious components

Degree Options

In order to pursue a professional career as an architect, students typically need a graduate degree in architecture. Therefore, many architecture programs are designed to lead directly from undergraduate into graduate studies at the same school. Alternatively, some schools offer pre-architecture undergraduate degrees in art or engineering that prepare students to enter graduate programs at other institutions. The combined programs are ideal for students who know they want to become architects, while pre-architecture programs provide introductory courses for students who are interested in architecture, but not ready to commit to graduate study.

Practical Opportunities

Most architecture programs assist students with finding internships positions on or off campus that enable them to earn credit while exploring career options. Internships are particularly important for architecture students, because most state licensing boards require architects to complete an internship as part of the requirements for registration. Many Christian architecture programs provide students the opportunity to perform volunteer service projects, which gives them valuable work experience while also contributing to communities in need.

Religious Components

Most institutions that identify themselves as Christian colleges apply a Biblical perspective to all areas of the school, including individual departments, majors and courses. Students who choose to attend a Christian architecture college will experience an architecture curriculum that explores concepts like stewardship, responsible business practices and how Christian architects can use their craft to reflect their faith.

Architecture Program Overviews

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Architecture

Although some schools offer an associate's degree program in pre-architecture, the vast majority of undergraduate students in architecture programs earn bachelor's degrees, such as a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, a Pre-Architecture Bachelor of Arts in Engineering or a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a minor in architecture. Graduates of bachelor's degree programs in architecture usually continue on to graduate programs, but those who do not are prepared to pursue careers in art, design or engineering. Many Christian colleges promote a liberal arts education, which results in undergraduate architecture programs that are less strictly technical and mathematical, incorporating more history and theory. Courses in these programs cover subjects such as:

  • Art history
  • Environmental issues
  • Structures
  • Drawing
  • Graphic design

Master's Degree Programs in Architecture

Students pursuing a career in architecture typically earn a graduate degree, such as a Professional Master of Architecture. Master's degree programs in architecture can take between two and three years to complete depending on a student's undergraduate preparation. Master's degree programs often include an internship or off-campus program in the curriculum. These programs include advanced courses in topics like:

  • Digital media
  • Urban design
  • Sustainability
  • Construction

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