Christian Studies: Adult Education Programs

Christian studies, loosely known as theology, is a personally rewarding academic choice. The following article is meant to be a springboard to more in-depth information concerning the huge arena of Christian studies.

General Description of Christian Studies

Colleges and universities that have a Christian theology degree in their curriculum usually offer Christian studies programs. Public schools typically shy away from offering such degrees due to the separation of church and state; private Christian institutions offer the majority of these degrees. Christian colleges are located all across the country. Curriculum in a Christian studies program is varied and diverse; majors in engineering and mathematics are taught alongside theology majors.

Specifically in terms of Christian studies, there are several major options at most schools. The following list includes the bachelor and graduate level degree programs commonly offered at Christian study colleges and universities:

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology (Ecclesiastical)
  • Bachelor of Theology (Civil)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Ethics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Religious Education
  • Master of Christian Studies
  • Master of Theological Studies
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctorate in Theology--Civil degree
  • Doctorate in Theology--Ecclesiastical degree

The above list is meant simply to scratch the surface of the possibility of majors within the common term 'Christian Studies.'

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