Cleveland Careers: Overview of Hot Careers in Cleveland, Ohio

Looking for a career in Cleveland, Ohio? These hot Ohio careers might be just what you're looking for.

Cleveland, Ohio is a fast-growing metropolitan area with a great deal to offer in the way of cultural opportunities, diversity, entertainment, and of course a wide variety of job openings to attract any prospective employment seeker.

Jobs in the Healthcare Field

All throughout the United States, the healthcare field has been one of the most rapidly expanding industries of the twenty-first century. Nowhere is that more true than in Cleveland, home of the Cleveland Clinic, where the healthcare industry could be said to be driving the whole local economy. Jobs in this industry include jobs as physician, physician's assistant, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, home health care aide, occupational therapist, rehabilitation therapist, or medical researcher.

Jobs in the Insurance Field

Where there is healthcare, there will be insurance, and the insurance industry has many careers to offer. Some of the current openings include medical and health services manager, compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists, and management analysts. And where there is insurance there will be insurance fraud, so of course insurance investigators are always in demand, as are private investigators who may work for the insurance industry on a freelance or contract basis.

Jobs in the Education Field

An ever-growing population like Cleveland's will need education - education for children, for adults, and for the community's immigrant population. Jobs are available for preschool teachers and administrators, for K-12 teachers and administrators, for college instructors (at both community college and university level), for adult educators, for special education teachers, and for teachers of English as a second language.

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