Comparing Finance and Marketing MBA Programs

MBA programs in finance and marketing prepare students for careers in management. Students can choose courses that are tailored to their specific needs, goals and interests. Both programs are similar, since finance MBA programs offer courses in marketing, and marketing MBA programs offer courses in finance.

Master of Business Administration in Finance

An MBA program with a concentration in finance prepares graduates to make financial decisions for a variety of businesses and organizations. MBA programs include finance courses that teach students how to acquire, manage and distribute funds in a business setting. Typical courses include marketing, international business and finance, budgeting, financial accounting, data analysis and economics.

Students can choose to concentrate in one of several subspecialties that coincide with their personal and professional goals and interests. Subspecialties include areas such as private equity, corporate finance and portfolio management.

Career Options for Graduates with a Finance MBA

An MBA with a concentration in finance prepares students for a variety of careers, including positions such as these:

  • Chief financial officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Insurance adjuster
  • Investment banker
  • Stock broker

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

A marketing MBA program is designed to prepare graduates to make marketing decisions in regards to advertising, public relations and other communications fields. Typical college coursework includes international sales and marketing, strategic planning, economics, ethics, market research, financial analysis, consumer behavior and current business trends.

In an MBA marketing program, students are usually allowed to choose courses from subspecialty areas of marketing based on their individual interests and goals. Such areas may include product management, marketing management and international marketing.

Career Options for Graduates with a Marketing MBA

A variety of careers are available to graduates with an MBA in Marketing. Job possibilities include the following:

  • Advertising executive
  • Brand manager
  • Business development director
  • Buyer
  • Market researcher
  • Product manager
  • Senior marketing analyst

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