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Computer Systems Analyst Certification and Certificate Programs

Learn about certification options and certificate programs for computer systems analysts. Get information about requirements and career opportunities in the field. Find out what are the job prospects and salary potential for computer systems analysts.

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Essential Information

Computer systems analysts help businesses and clients with many of their information technology (IT) needs, ranging from hardware configuration to systems development. Professional certification can verify that an IT professional has the skills needed in computer systems analysis. Getting certified involves passing examinations, and continuing education and recertification are often needed to maintain certification.

A certificate program in information systems can provide the skills needed to implement various computer systems within a business organization. These programs are usually for working IT professionals and may require a bachelor's degree to enroll. Students learn to develop business software, analyze and design information systems, manage databases and secure information.

Professional Certification for Computer Systems Analysts

Certification in computer systems analysis is available from system manufacturers, educational institutions and professional certification organizations that specialize in internet technology. Certification is available for specific types of computer systems and for overall knowledge in computer systems.

To receive certification in this field, analysts must pass a series of skill-based examinations that test their knowledge and abilities in a variety of IT situations. They will need the ability to implement a computer system and knowledge in upgrading and maintaining an established system.

Typically, certification is available to analysts who have completed an undergraduate degree in a computer science field and have work experience in this field. Some computer system software manufacturers and professional organizations offer training classes and materials for those interested in taking the certification examinations. Educational institutions offer coursework in a variety of computer systems and conclude with the certification exams. Recertification may require membership in a professional organization and continuing education coursework.

Computer Systems Analyst Certificate Programs

Computer systems analyst certificate programs are generally meant for individuals who already have extensive knowledge of computer systems and information technology. These programs are designed to emphasize how information technologies and strategies can best be deployed in various types of business or organizational settings.

Certificate programs are often for manufacture-specific computer systems and involve in-depth training in the layout, design, implementation, maintenance, upgrades and configuration of this system. Students enrolled in a certificate program learn how to determine the IT needs of various organizations and businesses and how to design information systems based upon those needs. Many certificate programs also include courses related to decision systems and business communication systems.

Education Prerequisites

A bachelor's degree in computer information systems, computer science, computer engineering or business management is often the standard educational requirement for enrolling in an information systems analyst certificate program. Students should have a solid understanding of programming languages, computer applications, college algebra and statistics.

Program Coursework

Certificate programs typically contain courses that cover the basic principles and strategies used by systems analysts in the field. Some of these courses include:

  • Information systems development
  • Information systems in businesses and organizations
  • Designing information systems
  • Analyzing information systems
  • Decision systems
  • Database management
  • Business software development
  • Information security concepts

Employment Prospects and Salary Info

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), individuals who hold bachelor's degrees in computer science or related fields can become computer systems analysts. The number of jobs in this field was expected to increase 22% between 2010 and 2020, which is above average compared to other occupations. The BLS notes that computer systems analysts earned median annual wages of $79,680 as of May 2012.

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