Concierge Training and Education Program Information

Discover certificate program information for the aspiring concierge. Read about the educational requirements of such programs as well as the featured coursework. Review the employment outlook and salary statistics for concierges.

Essential Information

A concierge is responsible for working the front desk areas of upscale hotel chains, resorts and personal properties, as well as taking care of any and all guest needs. While most concierges learn their skills on the job, there are a few who choose to attend particular training programs, such as a concierge certificate program.

Many community colleges and universities offer a course or two in concierge training or front desk operations within hospitality or hotel management degree programs. However, there are some technical training institutions and independent organizations that offer certificate programs specifically related to the concierge profession. Participation usually requires a high school diploma.

Most certificate programs for aspiring concierges are designed to train top-tier professionals in the field - those who aspire to work for 5-star hotels or luxury resorts. Such individuals should take advantage of a training program to not only cultivate the utmost customer service and presentation skills, but also to learn how to oversee a crew of staff members and handle some basic administration tasks.

A concierge certificate program generally takes one semester to complete and includes training in the areas of upscale food and beverage management, guest interactions, etiquette and risk management. Graduates may seek professional certification credentials through the National Concierge Association. Some years of work experience and passage of an examination are necessary.

Education Prerequisites

A strong interest in customer service and some professional background in the hospitality industry are recommended prerequisites for entering a concierge certificate program. Many programs also require that incoming students hold high school diplomas.

Program Coursework

A concierge certificate program generally features courses that provide hands-on training in the most practical duties a concierge must perform on a day-to-day basis. Some of these training areas include:

  • Concierge etiquette
  • Principles of hospitality
  • Recommending entertainment and nightlife
  • Guest responsibilities
  • Concierge ethics
  • Front desk management
  • Property training

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that about 26,000 concierges were employed across the country in 2012 ( This job field could expect faster-than-average employment growth of 23% from 2012-2022. These professionals worked for resorts, condominiums, gated apartment buildings, large-scale hotel chains and some corporate lobbies. The BLS stated that concierges earned a mean annual wage of $29,930 in 2013.

Certification Options

The National Concierge Association offers certified concierge credentials to members of the association who have worked in the industry for at least three years and who meet professional and ethical criteria. Certification is not strictly required in the career, but it can provide concierges with an additional value when they are seeking employment. Some other for-profit institutions and organizations offer certification as well, but certification from the National Concierge Association is the most common.

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