Cosmetic Beauty Advisor: Job Description & Requirements

A cosmetic beauty advisor typically works in a retail setting to promote an individual line of cosmetic and/or skin products. Read on to learn about the training, skills, earnings and employment outlook for this occupation.

Career Definition

Most commonly, a cosmetic beauty advisor represents only one vendor line and may work anywhere that line is sold, from a neighborhood drug store to the most prestigious department store. No matter the setting, the first duty of a cosmetic beauty advisor is to greet customers and share expert knowledge about the products they are selling. Some of the other responsibilities of a cosmetic beauty advisor may be to demonstrate products, establish a clientele and attend promotional events.

How to Become a Cosmetic Beauty Advisor

Required Education

Cosmetic beauty advising is a field where work experience and the ability to provide great customer service are a job seeker's most important assets. No specific education or training is required; however, there are a wide variety of sales training and cosmetic courses available for those who lack practical experience but wish to work as a cosmetic beauty advisor. These courses may be completed in one day or over several months depending on the materials offered.

Required Skills

Cosmetic beauty advisors must be enthusiastic about their products and possess the kind of friendly, positive personality that generates enthusiasm in potential customers. Sales and cosmetic experience are highly valued by employers, as is the ability to multi-task and work successfully as a member of a team. Because cosmetic beauty advisors need to establish a clientele of repeat customers, data entry and good written communication skills will also be needed.

Career and Economic Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected average job growth in the general industry of retail sales during the decade 2012-2022. The median wage of a retail salesperson was reported to be $10.15 per hour in 2012 ( However, cosmetic beauty advisors often earn commissions from their sales, so actual income potential varies according to the contract offered by the employer and the amount of product sold by the cosmetic beauty advisor.

Alternate Career Option


Even those who have not yet finished high school might secure a job as a cashier, gaining the skills needed through on-the-job training and learning to take payments from customers who buy services or goods. From 2012-2022, the BLS expected slower-than-average growth of 3% for these positions that paid median wages in 2012 of $18,970 per year.

Customer Service Representative

With a high school diploma and on-the-job training, aspiring customer service reps can prepare to process orders, provide information and handle customer complaints. The BLS projected an average increase of 13% in these jobs during the 2012-2022 decade. These professionals earned median salaries of $30,580 per year, or $14.70 per hour, in 2012, the BLS reported.

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