Distance Learning Airport Ground Safety Courses

Distance-learning courses in airport ground safety teach proper procedures to prevent accidents, respond to disasters and comply with federal, state and local regulations. This article discusses the most common online courses in airport ground safety.

Essential Information

Online courses in airport ground safety may satisfy some degree and certificate program requirements from scholastic institutions, training schools, professional associations and governmental organizations. While some courses may be taken fully online, others may have an in-person lab component.

Potential 2-year degrees include the Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance, Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Management and Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety and Health. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance and Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management are possible at the 4-year level. Advanced degree titles include the Master of Science in Aeronautical Science and Master of Science in Aviation and Transportation. Certificate programs focus on occupational health and safety, fire science, airport management and aviation management.

List of Online Courses

The following descriptions highlight the most common distance learning courses in airport ground safety.

Fundamentals of Avionics Course

This course teaches aeronautic theory and reviews how the ideas of flight have influenced history, culture and warfare. It examines the role aviation plays in contemporary society worldwide and covers types and materials of aircraft. It presents safety issues and stresses compliance to applicable laws.

Airport Management Course

The class reviews the operational dynamics and ground safety requirements for domestic national and international airports. It also presents guidelines for local and regional airports. The syllabus covers safety regulations, emergency procedures, pollution control and adherence to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Aviation Ground and Plane Safety Course

Students learn the principles of safe fueling, hazardous waste material disposal, crowd control and emergency response. They review governmental regulations and policies. In addition, they practice creating, implementing and monitoring safety programs to manage fire emergencies, natural disasters and terrorist threats.

Federal Safety Regulations Course

This curriculum closely examines all federal regulations governing airport ground and flight operations. It teaches methods to enforce safety standards by referencing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) websites, online bulletins and print publications. In addition, the class compares federal regulations to state, local and international laws.

Fire Safety Course

Students differentiate between the various types of fires found on airport tarmacs, planes, loading bays and passenger areas to discover the proper and safe ways to fight each type. They review fire prevention policies and fire fighting procedures. They study protection gear, personal equipment, machinery, retardants, crowd management and first aid.

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