Distance Learning Chelation Therapy Classes and Courses

Chelation therapy is concerned with heavy metal poisoning and treatment options. Distance learning courses in this area are offered as continuing medical education as well as part of programs in nursing, chemistry, toxicology and public health. Courses are offered at various levels.

Essential Information

Distance-learning courses relevant to chelation therapy are offered as part of continuing education programs in the medical and naturopathic sciences. They can also be found in programs leading to bachelor's and master's degrees in public health and safety, chemistry or toxicology. These courses benefit physicians, naturopathic practitioners, nurses, public health administrators and toxicologists.

List of Distance Learning Chelation Therapy Classes and Courses

Below are some of the online courses available related to chelation therapy and toxicology.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Chemistry Course

This course provides an overview of the chemical structure of heavy metals and their role in the environment and the human body. Students learn about heavy metals as well as what their acceptable limits are within the human body. The course touches on the purpose and means of getting rid of toxic levels of heavy metals.

Applied Public Health Toxicology Course

Students consider issues related to toxic exposure throughout the human lifespan with a focus on heavy metal exposure. Topics include a discussion of heavy metal toxicity as a public health issue and an overview of sources of exposure. The course examines the legal regulation and enforcement of protective measures at the local, state and national levels.

Environmental Medicine Course

An overview of the assessment and treatment of environmental illnesses is the focus of this course. Students discuss categories of toxins, along with the signs and symptoms of various types of toxic burden. Methods of toxic overburden assessment, such as taking case histories and lab methods commonly utilized, are considered. Educating patients on the sources and actions of toxic substances as well as the actions of treatment measures is also discussed.

Principles of Chelation Therapy Course

This course provides an overview of the chelation therapy process by introducing various chelating agents used to treat specific heavy metal overburdens and describing their actions in removing these heavy metals from the bloodstream. The history and evolution of chelation therapy, along with its dangers, complementary treatment methods and an overview of both approved and alternative treatments uses, is discussed.

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