Earning Your Kansas High School Diploma!

Adults seeking a high school diploma in Kansas may take high-school completion credits online or the General Educational Development (GED) exam. There are many adult education programs and online options available for Kansas residents without a high school diploma.

Earning Your Kansas High School Diploma

Virtual High School Completion Courses

There are more than 30 online programs that are accredited by school districts in Kansas to help adults earn their high school diploma. Several allow adult students to enroll and complete their diploma requirements from their local school district.

Graduation Requirements

According to the Kansas Department of Education (ksde.org), students are eligible for high school graduation after completing the following requirements:

  • Four English units
  • Three units of social studies
  • Three science units
  • Three math units (including algebra and geometry)
  • One physical education unit (may be waived if student is unable to participate due to mental, emotional or religious reasons)
  • One unit of fine arts (including dance, theater and music)
  • Six elective units

Local school districts may have additional requirements. The state Department of Education maintains a current listing of state-accredited high school programs under its Virtual Schools section.

GED Test

The GED exam was developed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and is intended for individuals who have not earned a high school diploma and are not enrolled in high school. State sponsored adult education programs in Kansas are mostly geared towards individuals taking and passing the five-part GED exam. To pass this exam, the state requires test takers to achieve a total score of at least 600. The minimal score allowed on any individual section of the test is 150.

Individuals who pass the battery of tests are awarded the Kansas State High School Diploma by the Kansas Board of Regents. The GED credential is accepted by most colleges, universities and employers as an equivalent to a four-year high school diploma.

The GED exam tests students in four subject areas: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. The ACE website provides detailed information about the GED, including what is covered on each specific test (www.acenet.edu).

Official Practice Test

GED candidates in Kansas are not required to take the Official GED Practice Test, which is a shortened version of the exam. This test helps individuals prepare for the actual test. The practice test is offered at official GED testing centers. A fee is charged. Candidates may find their local test center on the ACE website or on the Kansas Board of Regents website (www.kansasregents.org).

Studying For The GED

Individuals may seek preparatory assistance for the GED at state-approved adult education centers. These centers are located in local school districts and community colleges. Most also serve as official GED testing centers. Test takers may also utilize online and at-home study resources. Study aids include practice questions and study materials from the Steck-Vaughn Company (www.practice4ged.com), the GED Connection program from PBS Literacy Link (www.litlink.ket.org) and KET (www.ketadultlearning.org).

Kansas GED Test Registration

The GED test cannot be taken online. It is only administered at an official test center. Individuals registering for the GED must provide acceptable photo identification and be at least 18 years old. Teenagers who are age 16 or 17 may take the exam with additional documentation. The Board of Regents website has a listing of official test centers, documentation requirements and current fees. Individuals with learning or physical disabilities may request special accommodations during the exam. Contact your local test center for the appropriate request forms.

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