Earning Your New Hampshire High School Diploma!

The state of New Hampshire offers state programs for adults who do not have a high school diploma and wish to complete their secondary school education. These adult diploma programs allow individuals to complete the credits they need to earn their diploma.

Earn a High School Diploma in New Hampshire

Adult Diploma Program

The New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE) offers the Adult Diploma Program (ADP) for individuals who want to complete their high school credits and obtain a regular high school diploma. To be eligible for this program, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are in high school and want to switch to the ADP, you must have a recommendation from the school principle and written permission from your parents.

To obtain the NH Adult Diploma, you need 20 credits. Courses include English, Science, Computer Literacy, Math and Social Science, including Civics, Economics and U.S. History. You may also earn credits for this program from classes you've already taken at an accredited high school or secondary school. Additionally, work and other valid non-school experiences may count toward graduation. A partial list of these credits includes:

  • One credit for military service with an honorable discharge.
  • Credits for an apprenticeship program that meets ADP requirements
  • One credit for passing a test on homemaking skills such as budgeting or meal planning.
  • Up to two credits for business or industry experience that meets ADP requirements.
  • Credits for any trade school or college courses you have taken.

You'll need to discuss with the program director any life or educational experiences you have that might add credits towards your diploma.

These programs are located in adult high schools, learning academies and adult education centers across New Hampshire. Programs may have additional requirements such as a maximum number of times you can miss class. Even if you have multiple approved outside credits, you will need to take and pass at least one class in the adult diploma program to earn your diploma.

You may find adult diploma programs in your area on the DOE website (education.nh.gov). You'll find locations and contact information for the program near you, including information about scheduling, registration and fees. Course fees may vary from center to center. Fees may be less expensive for students in an adult diploma program, and financial assistance may be available.

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