Earning Your New Mexico High School Diploma!

Adults living in New Mexico who don't have a high school diploma may take advantage of a few programs in order to earn a high school credential. They may pursue a high school diploma through adult education general equivalency tests or private online programs.

Earning a High School Diploma in New Mexico

Adults in New Mexico without high school diplomas may participate in Adult Basic Education programs offered by the New Mexico Public Education Department. These programs, which are available to state residents age 18 and older, focus on helping individuals complete the training needed to pass the General Educational Development (GED) test. The state offers this program for free. Information on ABE programs and specific course offerings may be located at its website. Approved online high school diploma programs are also available to adults.

Earning the GED

The GED examination was created by the American Council on Education (ACE) and is administered by each state. The GED test covers five subject areas: math, writing (including an essay requirement), science, social studies and reading. A student must obtain a minimum passing score of 150 on each individual test and an overall score of no less than 600. The GED examination must be taken in person at one of New Mexico's 29 testing centers, although you may study for the test online.

GED preparatory programs are available at community colleges and other locations, but they are not a requirement. The state advises prospective adult students to take full advantage of these programs to help ensure success on the GED exam.

Private Online High School Diploma Programs

New Mexico residents can also earn a high school diploma through accredited online programs. These programs are for students not currently enrolled in a secondary school. The length of the program depends on previous credits earned, school requirements and pace of study. In some cases, courses are available via mail correspondence or online. The diploma bears the name of the school awarding the credential and is acceptable for employment and postsecondary enrollment.

Adult students should review an online school's accreditation status. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) provides information on how to determine if an online school has received proper accreditation.

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