Earning Your South Carolina High School Diploma!

If you reside in the state of South Carolina and have not completed your high school diploma, you might consider enrolling in an adult education program. Earning your high school diploma by attending an adult education program could help you to develop a broad educational foundation to increase your employability or pursue a college education.

South Carolina High School Diploma Program

The South Carolina Department of Education's adult education office was created to assist adults in completing their high school education. Adult education programs and courses are located throughout the state of South Carolina. You can earn your diploma in about one year; however, many adult education programs in South Carolina stipulate that you can only earn a maximum number of credits - usually six or eight - per year. Also, you are not permitted to receive your diploma earlier than the class of students with whom you started high school.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to enroll in an adult education program in South Carolina, you must have previously earned 16 credits toward your high school diploma. Before enrolling in the diploma program, you will need to take an adult education exam to assess your current academic knowledge. Although the minimum age to be eligible for the program is 18, you may enroll at 17 if you have parent or guardian permission. You might also be required to live within a specific school district to enroll in some adult education programs. Students who have previously completed fewer than 16 credits toward a diploma are not eligible for the adult education program, but can pursue the General Educational Development (GED) credential, which is largely equivalent to a high school diploma.

Credit Requirements

To earn your high school diploma you must earn a total of 24 credits or units. The 16 or more credits previously earned through attending high school could apply to that credit requirement. In addition, you might be able to apply relevant training or work experience toward your diploma requirements, although there is a limit to the number of credits that can be awarded this way. To earn the needed credits, you might participate in a number of courses, such as:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • U.S. history
  • Natural sciences (biology or chemistry)
  • Computer skills
  • U.S. government

Exit Exam Information

The South Carolina Department of Education ( requires anyone seeking a high school diploma to pass an exit examination, also known as the High School Assessment Program (HSAP), upon completion of their credit requirements. The exam was created based upon the curricula in the state of South Carolina. The test consists of both multiple choice questions and a writing assignment. You can retake the HSAP if you do not receive a sufficient score.

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