Earning Your Vermont High School Diploma!

A high school diploma is generally considered to be the first step necessary to achieve educational or career goals. The state of Vermont offers a variety of alternatives for adults who do not have a high school diploma but wish to earn one.

Earning a High School Diploma in Vermont

A high school diploma is often required to get into college or for most entry-level jobs. Individuals in Vermont who do not have a high school diploma may want to consider participating in the state's Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) system, known as Learning Works. Apart from high school diploma and diploma equivalency programs, Learning Works also offers adult literacy services such as English language courses, foundational skills and workplace skills. More information on those services can be found under the Programs and Services page at the Vermont Department of Education's website (

High School Completion Program

Vermont's High School Completion program is available to individuals who are 16 to 21 years of age. This program allows students to work with Learning Works to create an individualized graduation plan that can include a wide variety of different educational and training experiences. It is intended as an alternative to the usual credit-based graduation program. Credits earned in high school may be applied toward graduation requirements.

Individuals will initially need to take tests in writing, math and reading to assess their skills level. The program uses all types of training, including workshops, courses, work-based projects, internships, classwork and mentoring. Upon completion, students earn a diploma from a partnering high school.

Adult Diploma Program

The Adult Diploma Program (ADP) allows adults to earn a high school diploma from a participating high school. The program is available to individuals 20 years or older, although students ages 18-19 may qualify with a special waiver. Enrollment requires a meeting with a local ADP assessor who will explain more details about the program.

Students may select a location near them. The program involves completing tailored assignments based on their experience and needs. Individuals may work at their own pace and they'll receive feedback about their progress from their ADP assessor. These performed-based assignments are designed to match Vermont graduation standards.

The program takes between four to nine months to complete, based on the needs and schedule of the individual. The program is free to adults as ADP costs are reimbursed by the state.

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