File Clerk Classes and Courses Overview

File clerks perform many clerical duties in a variety of office settings. Those interested in this profession can enroll in classes that teach basic skills for entry-level office positions. Continue reading to learn about some popular types of file clerk classes.

Essential Information

Classes for aspiring file clerks are offered through several community and technical colleges as part of certificate and associate's degree programs in office assisting, office studies or a related field. Because file clerks are needed in most offices, graduates may find positions in a number of different industries. Some of the topics in clerk classes will include the following:

  • Keyboarding skills
  • Prioritization
  • Managing teams
  • Computer operation
  • Communication skills
  • Responsible leadership

List of File Clerk Classes

Filing Procedures Class

Students survey procedures used in geographical, numeric, subject and alphabetic filing systems. They acquire skill in efficiently storing and retrieving documents. Topics include record transfer procedures, filing supplies and equipment and data retention.

Computerized Filing Class

The computerized filing class builds on skills learned in filing procedures courses. Students set up and maintain computerized filing systems using database software. They learn to customize fields within the database to coincide with the physical filing system used in the file room.

Data Entry Essentials Class

The class emphasizes fast and accurate alphanumeric data entry skills. Course assignments help students acquire and improve their keyboarding skills. They learn to transcribe information, prepare documents and process data using computers and software packages. The course presents data processing techniques used in government and business settings.

Information Management Class

This course teaches principles and practices in managing information. Students learn methods for storing, accessing and disposing of electronic and physical records, as well as data security considerations for evaluating storage and retrieval systems. Other topics include management strategies, professional ethics and business etiquette.

Administrative Support Services Class

Students acquire skills for entry-level office positions, including mail handling procedures, records and file management and telecommunications skills. They develop an understanding of office etiquette when sending correspondence, using office equipment and interacting with colleagues. Using standard business software, students practice daily office tasks.

Microsoft Office Essentials Class

The class develops students' abilities with business software for word processing and business presentations. Spreadsheet software lessons cover formula and function tools, charts and data management. Topics include software functionality, proofreading and effective research methods.

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