Online Resources for Getting Your GED

The General Educational Development (GED) credential can be an important step to advancing in your career. An increasing number of employers require candidates to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Please read on to learn more about the online resources available to assist you in getting your GED.

GED Resources Available Online

While the GED tests can't be taken online, there are a number of study resources available to you on the Internet. According to the American Council on Education (ACE), the GED tests may only be taken at an official testing center, and any websites that offer to let you take the tests online shouldn't be trusted.

GED Facts and Requirements

The GED tests were created during World War II to help soldiers make the transition back to civilian life and gain more employment opportunities. The GED credential is accepted in all fifty states and all territories, as well as in some locations internationally. The test is composed of five subsections in writing, reading, science, social studies and math. You must earn an overall score of 2250 to pass, and you can't score any less than 410 on each subsection.

To be eligible for the GED tests, you typically must be at least 16 years of age, not be enrolled in high school and not have earned your high school diploma. Your state may have its own additional eligibility requirements, so check with your region to make sure that you meet all of them.

Online GED Test Resources

Practice Exams

You may want to take a set of practice GED tests to make sure you're ready for the official test, especially since you're typically allowed to only take the exam three times per year. Practice exams are offered on many websites, including an official one hosted online by the GED Testing Service ( There may be a fee to access the exams. Other websites may offer practice exams or parts of the test for free.

Online Preparation Courses and Materials

While many states and schools offer in-person preparation programs, there are also courses available online. You may find them by searching the Internet or checking your local community college or adult education center. Your local schools may offer remote GED preparation courses geared towards your individual state's requirements. Additionally, ACE offers some preparation materials on its website ( You can find sample test questions through ACE, or you might choose to order comprehensive GED study guides with entire sample tests. You can also participate in televised courses online through ACE-affiliated organizations like LiteracyLink (

Online GED Registration

If you're ready to take the test, you can locate a testing center and register to take the exam online. ACE's website has a testing center locator built into it, and many state education departments also provide a list of official testing centers and accredited preparation programs on their websites as well.

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