GED Practice Test: Easy Ways to Practice the GED Test

Considering the General Educational Development (GED) exam? Be prepared! Read on to learn more about study materials for the GED test, including books, online resources and GED prep courses.

How Do I Prepare to Take the GED?

Test Overview

Successfully completing the GED is one way for a student to prove that he or she has obtained a high school-level education. Five subject areas are covered in the GED:

  • Mathematics
  • Language arts: reading
  • Language arts: writing
  • Social studies
  • Science

Adults who have not earned a high school diploma are eligible to take the GED in most states. According to the American Council on Education (ACE), successful completion of the exams results in a credential that is considered equivalent to a high school diploma by over 95% of employers and postsecondary schools (

Studying for the GED

Studying for the GED is especially important for test takers who are a few years removed from school. Students can begin familiarizing themselves with the subject matter on the test by completing official sample test questions found on the ACE website. After determining which subject areas deserve the most attention, students may consider the following options for GED test preparation.


There are many GED practice tests and resources available online. The ACE website offers official sample test questions, useful mathematical formulas and an option to request an official GED practice test.

The Kentucky Educational Television (KET) network also offers sanctioned GED test preparation materials online through the PBS Literacy Link. These materials include a free official practice test.

Online students who are looking for more guidance may consider resources such as GED Online ( Although students must pay to join the site, membership includes interactive study sessions, online grading of practice tests and e-mail support.

At Home

There are a number of other at-home study options in addition to the Web-based resources above. These include GED practice books, such as The Keys to GED Success, or 'GED Connection', a series of video programs that are broadcast by PBS via local public television stations.

In Class

GED preparation courses can be found at adult education resource centers across the country. Many of these centers are located at public and community colleges. These courses typically last a single term and offer a comprehensive review of all subject areas on the GED exam. Students who are interested in finding a GED preparation course should consult their state's department of education website for a list of participating education centers.

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