GED En Espanol: Tips for Spanish Speakers Taking the GED Test.

Pursuing the GED credential can be intimidating if English isn't your first language. Luckily the exams are offered in multiple other languages, including Spanish. Taking the GED in Spanish can lead to improved job opportunities and may open the door to other educational opportunities.

The GED in Spanish

One of the best ways to ensure understanding of the GED test and study materials is to have them available in your native language. For Spanish speakers who do not feel that their English language skills are adequate for GED studying or testing, there are steps that can be taken. Not all states will have GED preparatory classes available in Spanish but other resources exist to help the Spanish speaker prepare for this credential.

Overview of the GED

The GED is a 5-subject timed test that is meant to assess the test takers knowledge of academic subjects taught in high school. The five parts of the test are language arts reading, language arts writing, math, science and social studies. Score requirements can vary by state, but test takers must earn scores of no less than 410 on each subsection and no less than 450 for an overall score. The American Council on Education (ACE) owns the test and maintains the content, which is available in Spanish, English, French and Braille.

Tips for Studying

The National Center for Family Literacy is a clearinghouse that offers information on GED preparation programs, some of which are conducted in Spanish. Local libraries often have a section of books for GED preparation that may be available in Spanish. Library holdings will of course vary by city or state but many offer additional materials online. There are also online schools offering GED preparation in Spanish; however, you should ensure that the program has up-to-date and relevant study materials.

Tips for Taking the GED

Spanish speakers wishing to take the exam in the Spanish language need to contact a testing center in their area to make the necessary arrangements. There may be specific locations or dates and times set aside for the administration of the GED in Spanish. Testing centers are usually listed on a state's department of education or adult education website, as well as the ACE website. The GED student will still have to meet the state's other requirements such as age, residency and fees.

The essay portion of the Spanish language GED test is generally scored by professionals who are native Spanish speakers or have experience teaching the language at secondary or higher education institutions. The test taker might want to brush up on their Spanish language writing skills to ensure that their answers are clear to the staff who will score the essay.

Overview of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Test

Some jurisdictions require an ESL test for those taking the GED exam in a language other than English. The ESL test content reflects the types of words and phrases that one is likely to encounter in their daily lives in an English speaking environment. Topics covered in some of the questions relate to employment, consumerism, childcare and general interest.

Up to 75% of the questions require specific answers recalled from information read and 25% of the questions require the user to interpret the meaning of something read. Examples include interpreting the meaning of a word or words from the context of the text or drawing conclusions about what a passage of text means.

Tips for Studying for the ESL Test

Practicing for this exam does not have to include formal study. The ESL student can improve their everyday English language reading skills by practicing reading things like common street signs, restaurant menus, flyers, advertisements or forms.

English language television can also provide a good opportunity for practice by exposing the student to words in context, text in commercials and examples of American culture. For those students who would like more specific help in increasing their ESL skills, the Public Broadcast System (PBS) offers online classes with content similar to the ESL exam.

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