Global Finance Degree Program Information

Master's degree programs related to international or global finance are typically offered through the graduate business departments of 4-year universities. Such programs give students an understanding of how finance-related matters, such as accounting, management and business strategy, can be applied in a global marketplace.

Essential Information

In these 1-3 year international or global finance programs, students learn how cultural factors influence financial decisions in other parts of the world, such as China or the Middle East. They also learn skills that will help them negotiate across language and culture barriers. Individuals interested in establishing a career in global finance should also study the organization and administration of multinational corporations. Many graduates pursue certification from professional finance organizations.

  • Program Length: 1-3 years
  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, management, business administration or a similar subject, letters of recommendation, transcripts, statement of interest
  • Other Requirements: Professional certification

Master's Degree Programs in Global Finance

Courses emphasize how regular financial practices work in an international format. Some examples might include:

  • International business principles
  • International accounting
  • Global finance and financial planning
  • Global financial markets
  • International business strategy
  • Leadership principles

Popular Careers

Individuals working in international finance often hold similar position titles as those professionals working strictly with U.S. clients. Some of those titles include:

  • Global financial manager
  • International financier
  • Overseas risk manager
  • Multinational bank director
  • Corporate credit manager
  • Global financial analyst

Employment Prospects and Salary Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for financial analysts were predicted to increase 12% during the 2014-2024 decade. Professionals in this field earned mean annual wages of $80,310 as of 2015, per the BLS.

Certification Options

Various associations offer certification for finance professionals, including those that work in a global or domestic environment. The CFA Institute (also known as The Global Association of Investment Professionals) offers the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst to professionals who complete a series of examinations in the field. The Association for Financial Professionals offers Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credentials also to those to pass the relevant exam. The CTP certification lasts three years, and re-certification requires documented continuing education coursework.

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