Golf Cart Repair Classes and Courses

Coursework that pertains to golf cart repair is often included in certificate and associate degree programs. To learn more about common golf cart repair courses and related program options, read on.

Essential Information

Those interested in golf cart repair can find relevant certificate and degree programs at several community colleges and universities. These programs commonly result in certificates in small engine repair, fleet management or electrical technology, or in degrees such as an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Electrical Technology. Students interested in the management side of the golf industry can pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in PGA Golf Management or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing that focuses on golf course management, though courses in golf cart repair may not be available.

List of Common Courses

The list below contains the descriptions of the most relevant courses for prospective golf cart repairers.

Golf Course Operations and Facilities Course

Since golf carts are an essential component of any successful golf course, most golf course management programs typically include a course that focuses on golf cart maintenance. A facility and operations management course provides students with an overview of all aspects of managing a golf course, including its greens and fairways, merchandise shop and golf cart fleet. Topics help students to create a cost-effective golf cart rental program and establish rental policies, maintenance techniques and safety guidelines.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Course

Fleet maintenance instruction can pertain to a variety of vehicle types, such as rental cars, delivery trucks, construction equipment and golf carts. A general course in fleet maintenance can include topics beneficial to aspiring golf cart mechanics, including manual and automated maintenance scheduling and reporting. It can also address issues of safety and risk management as it relates to the age and condition of the vehicle fleet.

Electric Engine Repair and Maintenance Course

This course introduces students to the elements of an electrical engine, which is used in some golf cart models. It includes diagnostic and repair techniques for both regular and preventative maintenance. Many courses also include a laboratory element that offers students the chance to practice their skills in assembling, disassembling and repairing electric motors.

Gas and Diesel Engine Repair and Maintenance Course

In this course, students learn to repair gas and diesel-fueled engines, which power various types of equipment, such as lawnmowers, generators and golf carts. This course can also provide students with skills in testing and diagnosing procedures, estimating repair costs and performing regularly scheduled maintenance. Many courses include hands-on practice working on gas engine components, such as fuel injection systems, spark plug connections and carburetors.

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