Hardware Installation and Repair Courses and Training Programs

Many colleges and universities offer courses and training programs that prepare individuals for careers in computer hardware installation and repair. Read on to learn about the most popular course offerings and training options in the field.

Essential Information

Courses in computer hardware installation and repair are available through certificate, associate and bachelor's degree programs in computer information systems and technology, computer science and related fields. Training programs offered through vocational schools and certification organizations also include relevant computer hardware coursework.

Here is a list of concepts generally explored in hardware installation and repair courses:

  • Hardware components
  • System configuration
  • Operating system maintenance
  • Peripheral installation
  • Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting

List of Common Courses

Introduction to Computer Technology Course

Students with little computer experience benefit from taking an introductory course in computer technology. In this course, students are taught the principles of basic computer theories and applications. They also learn to master fundamental computer commands and operations, including how to access files and print documents.

Computer Operating Systems Course

Aspiring computer support technicians must understand operating systems, such as Windows or Unix, in order to configure hardware components. This course provides students with instruction in file system maintenance and management. It also includes training in creating user accounts, assigning group policies and registry modification, as well as computer profiles and operating system-specific commands.

Introduction to Hardware Installation and Repair Course

This course focuses on hardware installation, diagnostic procedures and repair techniques. Topics teach students how to handle computer hardware, install or update software and drivers, modify components and test for compatibility. Some programs use this course to help students prepare for industry standards certification exams.

Advanced Hardware Installation and Repair Course

Advanced instruction in computer hardware often emphasizes skills in configuration and hardware compatibility. Students are trained to use troubleshooting techniques and preventive maintenance procedures that keep computer systems operating at an optimal level. They are also trained to install and maintain peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, keyboards and mice.

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