Hot Rod and Custom Motorcycle Fabrication Schools

Hot rod and custom motorcycle fabrication programs are available for students at various levels. Students can train for employment in a diploma program, complete an associate's degree program or supplement prior experience with an advanced certificate program. Students can look for schools that provide access to modern equipment and facilities, job placement assistance and experienced teachers.

How to Select a School for Hot Rod and Custom Motorcycle Fabrication

Students interested in careers in hot rod and custom motorcycle fabrication can find appropriate training programs at community and technical colleges.

Summary of Important Considerations

  • Hands-on training
  • Career services offered
  • Faculty experience

Hands-On Training

Students might choose schools with custom car and motorcycle assembly courses that provide them with access to computerized equipment, up-to-date facilities and the latest models to practice on. Students can prepare for their careers by building and repairing motor vehicles through hands-on training with the same tools that are currently used in auto shops.

Career Services Offered

Individuals who complete certificate or degree programs are prepared for entry-level or apprentice positions as shop technicians, automotive mechanics or metal fabricators. Many schools provide students with career services, such as help with interview skills, resumes and job placement.

Faculty Experience

Students interested in hot rod and custom motorcycle fabrication might also choose to take specialized courses within a broader program, like automotive technology, which can teach them wide-ranging skills. Students may decide on a school with faculty who are also industry professionals who can share their real-world experiences.

Hot Rod and Custom Motorcycle Fabrication Program Overviews

Diplomas in Auto Body and Motorsports Technology

Aspiring auto technicians can earn a diploma in motorsports technology or auto body technology with a specialty in street rod fabrication. Programs can usually be completed in less than a year and allow students to focus on gaining the technical skills needed for immediate employment. Diploma programs cover various topics, such as:

  • Engine systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Metal shaping
  • Welding
  • Auto body painting

Associate's Degrees in Auto and Motorcycle Technology

Students can earn an undergraduate degree, such as an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Automotive Technology with an emphasis in motorcycle service or an A.S. in Automotive Collision Technology with courses in hot rod customization. Such 2-year programs include general education courses along with courses in various automotive systems. Courses cover a range of subjects, including:

  • Motorcycle design
  • Transmission systems
  • Suspension
  • Refinishing
  • Software systems

Certificates in Custom Auto and Motorcycle Fabrication

Mechanics who have prior education or experience in automotive technology and want specialized training might consider a certificate program. Students can learn about welding, sheet metal fabrication, custom graphics and upholstery. Advanced certificates include:

  • Custom fabrication and chassis design
  • Auto body technology with an emphasis in street rod fabrication
  • Auto body repair and refinishing technology
  • Motorcycle service technology

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