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Hotel General Manager Training and Education Information

Find out about training and education programs for hotel general managers. Learn about degrees available, potential coursework and employment prospects after graduating.

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Essential Information

Hotel general manager training and education encompasses a wealth of academic subjects, including marketing, economics and human resources management. Undergraduate and graduate education in hotel and restaurant management are offered by a large number of schools. Most hotel general managers usually have at least a bachelor's degree related to hotel and restaurant management, business or hospitality management. A strong general understanding of math and business principles will be needed; exams and essays may also be required to apply to a master's program. You may then need to complete a thesis before you can earn the master's degree. Much of further industry-specific training will take place on the job.

Bachelor's Degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Undergraduate hotel and restaurant management education combines academic disciplines relating to finance, real estate and management. You'll also be able to take courses on specific areas related to hotel and restaurant management, such as Nevada gaming regulations, French tourism and private club operations.

Many colleges and universities with undergraduate hotel and restaurant management programs might require you to take courses in mathematics, communications and psychology. Acceptance to a hotel-related bachelor's degree program will require a high school diploma and other components, such as test scores and grade information, which vary by school.

Program Coursework

A bachelor's degree in hotel and restaurant management might include courses in event administration, gourmet dining, lodging operations, tourism development and alcohol regulations. Typical course titles might include:

  • Beverage marketing
  • Hotel development
  • Modern business culture
  • Real estate purchasing
  • Food service logistics

Employment Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), lodging managers earned a median annual wage of $46,810 in May 2012 ( The highest ten percent of lodging mangers earned in excess of $89,530. The BLS expects overall employment for lodging managers to grow at slower-than-average eight percent from 2010 to 2020.

Master's Degrees in Hospitality Management

Graduate hospitality management degrees cover an array of subjects in business law, recreation management and resort operations. Earning a hospitality management master's degree will involve writing a lengthy research-based thesis under the guidance of faculty members. While pursuing the master's degree in hospitality management, you also must take math and general business courses.

Education Prerequisites

To gain acceptance to a hospitality management master's degree program, you'll need to possess a bachelor's degree. The application process for graduate hospitality management programs involves standardized examinations, a fee and an admissions essay.

Program Coursework

Hospitality management master's degrees will teach you about tourism development, economics and resource management. Courses might include:

  • Cost containment
  • Organizational behavior
  • Merchandising
  • Research applications
  • Hospitality industry basics

Popular Career Options

Graduate hospitality management master's degrees can accelerate job opportunities for you while working as a hotel general manager. Possible careers can include the following:

  • Regional director
  • Convention manager
  • Gaming operations director
  • Hotel management consultant
  • Cruise ship lodgings manager
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