How Long Does a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management Take?

Many schools offer both Bachelor of Business Administration programs with management concentrations and Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree programs. Some schools offer online programs that take just 18 months to complete.

Business Management Bachelor's Degree Programs Overview

Commonly, a bachelor's degree in business management is earned in less than four years of full-time study. However, as more schools offer degrees online through distance learning programs, earning a bachelor's degree can take as little as eight semesters.


Business management programs teach students about advanced business and management skills, corporate finance, and marketing and business administration principles. Core coursework in business management degrees programs are similar, but the length of time required to earn the degree varies.

On-Campus Programs

Bachelor's degree programs in business management that are offered on-campus generally take four years to complete. Programs include general education studies, such as English, math, science, history, and humanities, in addition to business management courses. These programs can vary in length from 100-180 total credits. A few schools offer programs or accelerated tracks that can be completed in just 18 months, with 80 credits.

Online Programs

Although not always, online programs generally take less time to complete than on-campus programs. Programs can range from 120-180 credits. Some schools' online programs have a fixed schedule, while others allow students to go at their own pace. Program length will be determined by this factor, as well as by any previously earned college credits that may be applied.

Degree Completion Programs

Some schools offer degree completion programs that can take significantly less time to complete than full degree programs. The amount of time by which the degree completion program will shorten the bachelor's degree program depends on how many credits have already been earned.

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