How to Choose Soldering Courses and Schools

Individuals who take courses in soldering learn industrial metalworking techniques by which hot metal is used to fuse materials together. Soldering courses are available in conjunction with programs in electronics, construction and other vocational technologies.

How to Select a Soldering School

Soldering courses are offered by vocational and technical colleges throughout the U.S. through programs in construction, electronics and welding technology. Individuals can also take a professional soldering certification course to prepare for employment in various industries. For example, those interested in learning soldering for the construction industry can enroll in a construction skills program; alternatively, those interested in learning how to solder electronic circuit boards can enroll in a course held in conjunction with the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC), which leads to certification (

Consider the following when reviewing schools that offer courses in this field of study:

  • Look for a certificate or certification program, which is most applicable for those specifically interested in learning soldering skills.
  • Choose a program based on career goals.
  • Determine whether specific courses in hand-soldering and robot techniques are offered.

Soldering Program Overviews

Soldering Certification Course

Professional certification in soldering for the electronics industry can be obtained from IPC after the completion of an intensive 3- to 5-day skills course. The IPC credential may be required for some entry-level soldering positions for government, military or aerospace employers. Training modules in this program cover:

  • Safety and tools
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Through-hole technology
  • Surface mount technology
  • Test methods

Vocational Technology Certificates

Soldering courses are included in construction, welding and electronics technology certificate programs offered at community and technical colleges. Certificate programs can be completed in 6-12 months. Courses might include:

  • Metal cutting
  • Brazing
  • Soldering

Associate's Degree in Welding Technology

Undergraduate programs in welding technology often provide soldering courses as a part of the curriculum. Other courses in these 2-year programs can include:

  • Gas welding
  • Occupational safety
  • Applied math

Ten Schools that Offer Soldering Courses

College/UniversityInstitution Type
Ogden-Weber Tech College2-year, Public
Hennepin Technical College2-year, Public
Salt Lake Community College2-year, Public
Atlanta Technical College2-year, Public
Pima Community College2-year, Public
University of California, Irvine4-year, Public
Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Jackson2-year, Public
Bates Technical College2-year, Public
Cuyahoga Community College2-year, Public
Wharton County Junior College2-year, Public

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