Indiana Career Outlook: Overview of Hot Careers in Indiana

Indiana (IN) has the fifteenth largest labor force in the United States. Jobs that are set to take off in the next few years are medical and physician assistants and other healthcare workers, IT analysts, and social service assistants.

Indiana's Fastest-Growing Careers

The job that will have the largest percentage of change in employment through 2012 is the occupation of medical assistant, according to America's Career InfoNet ( Approximately 12,330 medical assistants are predicted to be employed in Indiana in 2012, a 56% change compared with ten years earlier. The second-fastest growing career in Indiana is another healthcare job, physician's assistant. By 2012, employment for physician's assistants is expected to grow 51%.

Most IN Job Openings

Cashiers will have the most job openings in Indiana in the period ending in 2012. About 4,320 job openings are expected for this occupation. Retail sales in the job with the second most predicted job openings, with 3,840, and wait staff is third with 3,070. Registered nurses are in high demand in Indiana, as in the rest of the nation. 2,310 openings are predicted for RNs by the year 2012.

Other Hot Indiana jobs

Other jobs in Indiana that are expected to have a high percentage of change in employment are:

  • IT analyst
  • Medical records technicians
  • Social services assistants
  • Dental assistants

Occupations in Indiana that will have a large number of job openings include:

  • Food service worker
  • Hand laborer
  • Office clerk
  • Truck driver

IN Occupations with a Projected Decline in Employment

Some jobs are expected to have a decline in the number of available positions. These include typists, who will have a 40% decline in available jobs, and radio mechanics, who have an expected 32% decline in the number of available jobs.

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