Is Business Management a Good Major?

Business management and business administration are popular majors among undergraduate students. To learn more about these programs, along with potential career paths and salary prospects, keep reading.

The Benefits of Majoring in Business Management

Bachelor's degree programs in business management teach students how to plan, organize and direct the activities of various organizations. Students not only learn to think about the company as a whole, but to take into consideration larger external forces affecting the company, such as the economy.

General course topics in the degree program include business law and ethics, economics, financial management, accounting and human resources management. Students can also streamline their studies by selecting a concentration, which may include marketing, finance and international business. Many programs encourage or require internships, which are often essential in helping students land jobs after graduation.

Career Information

Business management is a degree that's in demand by employers. Employment of office managers was predicted to grow by 12% between 2012-2022, noted the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is about average compared to all occupations. Competition was also predicted to be keen, as applicants will outnumber job openings. The bureau also noted that employment of human resources managers was predicted to grow by 13% within the same decade, which is average as well.

Job Options

Many industries, such as advertising, healthcare, insurance, hospitality and manufacturing, employ graduates of a bachelor's in business management. According to, some popular jobs held by graduates as of 2014 include:

  • Office manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Retail store manager
  • Operations manager
  • Human resources director
  • Administrative assistant

Salary Information

Salary ranges for those who held a Bachelor of Science in Business Management as of 2014 included:

  • General manager: $35,411-$113,837
  • Executive assistant: $34,859-$73,849
  • Human resources generalist: $36,627-$65,498

Training Options

Because of the structure of business management degree programs, students can also earn their degrees online or from home. Online and home-based business management programs are accredited just like their on-campus equivalents. Students are eligible to receive financial aid as well. Tuition might cover books, training equipment, instructional support and access to student services.

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