JAVA Programming: Online Diploma

Educate yourself about online diploma and certificate programs in Java programming. This article covers the options available for students looking to earn a diploma or certificate in Java programming online. Research program curriculum and prerequisites, as well as career prospects in the field of computer programming.

Essential Information

There are a few online computer programming diploma programs with courses in Java programming. However, certificate programs in Java programming are more readily available online. Diploma programs take approximately one year to complete and provide courses on Java programming, JavaScript, programming files and control statements, along with other types of programming and operating systems.

Certificate programs require about 15 units of coursework and include studies in more advanced Java programming topics. For this reason, most students must already have at least beginner's level familiarity with Java. Some schools even recommend that students possess a bachelor's degree before enrolling. Both diploma and certificate programs in Java-related studies can be taken entirely online.

Related Program Options

Students can find a wide variety of related online certificate programs in computer programming, design and security. These options include:

  • Information systems security
  • Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Oracle database management
  • Web design and development

Overview of Online Diploma Programs in Java Programming

Since online programs in Java by itself are rare, many students enroll in computer programming diploma programs that include classes in other languages, such as C# or that have a more general programming curriculum which incorporates a class or two in Java. Many of these programs are geared towards students with little or no formal computer programming experience.

Program Information and Requirements

Most online diploma programs can be completed remotely and do not require a trip to campus. Some programs are geared toward the working adult and may allow students as many as four years to finish, although they may be completed sooner. A high school diploma is sometimes a prerequisite for admission.

Common Coursework

Introduction to Java

In this class, students become acquainted with the Java computer language. Java's relation to the Internet is also considered. Additionally, students examine control statements in this class.

Web Page Design

Students will learn to create their own web page using JavaScript. How to embed frames and tables into a web page is also explored. Linking and using hypertext is also presented.

Computer Overview

Since many students are new to the field of computers and computer programming, some diploma programs include an introductory course on computers in their curriculum. Topics covered include computer software, the World Wide Web and operating systems. Additionally, some classes look at the importance of data storage.

Overview of Online Certificate Programs in Java Programming

Online certificate programs in Java are more plentiful than diploma curriculum. Many certificate programs consist of three to five classes focused exclusively on Java. Students who have experience with programming languages and are looking to advance their careers are the focus population of the Java certificate.

Program Information and Requirements

Like the diploma, most certificate programs can be completed online. Students can often tailor their class schedule to suit their individual needs. Most certificate programs do not require students to hold an undergraduate degree to gain admission.

Common Coursework

Introduction to Java

Like the diploma class, this class is designed to familiarize students with the basics of Java programming. It will serve as the primary building block for the remainder of the certificate curriculum. Topics considered include hash maps and design.

Advanced Java Programming

This class is geared for students who have completed introductory classes in Java or who are already familiar with the basics of Java programming. Students analyze package distribution and Swing components. Students will explore unit testing and thread handling.

Java and XML

This class analyzes Java in context with XML and how the two languages work together. CSS and XSLT style sheets are considered. Students are also introduced to the trends influencing the use of XML.

Career Information for Graduates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimated that employment opportunities for computer programmers will shrink by three percent between 2008 and 2018 ( The reduction in jobs will stem from trends in outsourcing and the development of computer language usability. As of May 2011, computer programmers earned a median annual wage of $72,630.

Continuing Education

According to the BLS, job opportunities for computer programmers will be most abundant for applicants with at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline. The BLS also reports that candidates with language specific certificates are also well positioned for career placement. Because of the rapid pace of advances in computer technology, computer programmers must constantly remain appraised of language development.

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