Jobs You Get With a Bachelors Degree in Web Design and Development

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in Web design and development are prepared for a variety of jobs associated with websites. Some career options may include Web development or Web design.

Web-Related Career Opportunities

Web Developer

A Web developer is a type of software engineer. A Web developer's job is to create applications that run specifically on the Internet. They are proficient in many programming languages, including Java, VBscript and C++. They also use CSS (cascading style sheets), HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and JavaScript. They should also be well versed in rational databases. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web developers earned median salaries of $62,500 as of 2012.

Web Designer

A Web designer creates the actual Web pages. They should have some artistic ability. They are responsible for not only how a page looks but also its functionality and accessibility. Functionality can include how fast the page loads. Pages must also be accessible and usable on any device. found that the median salary among Web designers was $43,435 as of March 2014.

Web Producer

A Web producer's job is more encompassing than a Web designer or developer. They are responsible for all aspects of the website. They may be involved in producing content as well as having a hand in the technical side. They may work in marketing the website or help with increasing traffic to the site. Web producers made a median salary of $51,709 as of March 2014, according to

Overview of Training Curriculum

A bachelor's degree in Web design and development provides students with the skills and knowledge to create interactive content for websites. Students are instructed in back- and front-end development of websites for use on the Internet, PDAs or cell phones.

Students may learn JavaScript, XML, CSS and XHTML. Students develop their skills in enterprise architecture, client-server computing, databases, project management and software engineering to design various types of websites. Students can minor in networking, math, marketing or information security.

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