Job & Salary Info for a Computer Applications Programming Bachelor's

Graduates of a bachelor's degree program in computer applications programming, sometimes called software engineering, may find employment as computer applications software engineers or computer programmers. This article will review the employment outlook and salary information for computer applications software engineers and programmers, as well as provide job descriptions for the positions.

What Type of Job and Salary Can I Expect with a Bachelor's in Computer Applications Programming?

Salary Information

As of May 2013, the median annual wages for computer applications software engineers was $92,660, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It was $76,140 for computer programmers in May 2013 (

According to, the median salary as of June 2014 for graduates with a bachelor's degree in computer science was as follows:

  • Software developer, Web applications - $64,244
  • Software engineer, developer and programmer - $68,647
  • Senior software engineer, developer and programmer - $91,044

Job Description

Computer applications software engineers design software, such as operating systems, network control systems, business applications and computer games. After analyzing a user's needs, computer applications software engineers produce computer applications, software and focused utility programs. Depending on the purpose of the program, software engineers use different programming languages, such as C, C++, Python and Java.

After a software program has been designed, computer programmers convert the design into instructions for the computer to follow; these instructions are coded using various programming languages. Computer programmers most commonly use C++ and Python for programming.

Employment Outlook

As computer networking and Internet technologies continue to expand, so will demand for computer applications software engineers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( overall employment for computer programmers is expected to grow 8% between 2012 and 2022. Additionally, with rapidly evolving technologies, such as mobile technology, the demand for new software products is expected to create 28,400 new jobs ( However, computer programming jobs may be stalled due to offshore outsourcing.

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