Kansas Career Guide: Overview of Hot Careers in Kansas (KS)

In 2013, the labor force in Kansas was 1,483,700, which made it the state with the 31st-largest labor force in the country. In 2012, the median household income was $50,000. In KS, the fastest growing occupations through 2022 are in the areas of life, physical and social sciences and healthcare.

Fastest Growing Kansas (KS) Careers

Kansas Life, Physical and Social Sciences Careers

According to America's Career InfoNet (www.careerinfonet.org), the job that will see the largest increase in available positions in the coming years is geographer. The increase in terms of actual positions, however, is small. 30 jobs for geographers are predicted to be available in Kansas in the year 2022, an increase of 50%.

Other jobs in the area of life, physical and social sciences will also see an increase in employment in Kansas in the coming years. Geoscientists, with the exception of geographers and hydrologists, will see the number of available jobs increase 20% by 2022. Soil and plant scientists will have an increase of employment of 22%

Kansas Healthcare Careers

In Kansas, certain occupations in the area of healthcare will experience a surge of employment by 2022. Personal care aides will see the amount of jobs increase 44%. Diagnostic medical sonographers, postsecondary health specialties teachers and postsecondary nursing instructors and teachers will see a comparable increase in the number of positions, from 40%-41%.

Occupations in Kansas Adding the Most Jobs

In terms of number of job openings, the biggest jobs in Kansas will be in retail sales and food service. Cashier job openings will total 1,590 per year through 2022. Retail sales positions are also projected to have 1,590 openings per year.

Food service workers in Kansas will have 1,150 job openings per year through 2022, and wait staff will have 1,250 openings. Other jobs adding a large number of positions in Kansas in the coming years include:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Hand Laborers
  • General Office Clerks

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