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Learn Computer Programming in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Computer Programming Blogs

Feb 04, 2011

Need coding help quick? Never fear, the blogosphere is here! Check out the following blogs for useful advice - and hilarious commentary - on web development, C#, Python, Ruby, .NET, SQL, JQuery, mobile apps, Django . . . need we go on?

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1. Juixie Techknow

This blog promises to help you 'break coders block!' with tips on everything from Ruby to Visual Basic, IDE to HTML and all programming topics in between.

2. O'Reilly Media

If you're a programmer, designer or techie of any kind, you're probably familiar with O'Reilly's industry-leading series of reference and how-to books or tech conferences. The company's website offers another great resource: Ongoing news and commentary on all things tech and programming, from new applications for .NET developers to how to make email programs more effective.

3. Agiliq Solutions

This excellent blog for web developers covers topics like Python, Django, SEO and e-commerce, all from a professional programming perspective.


This programmer's blog offers code tidbits and useful info on a whole range of projects, from developing for Android to writing games.

5. Solutions

This programmer offers practical, detailed advice - replete with sample code - for C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL, Visual Studio, JQuery, SharePoint and more.

computer science blogs

6. Glance World

Calling all web programmers: Glance World covers news, trends and techniques from the world of web development, design and blogging. Topics range from mobile app coding to tips on managing a freelance business.

7. Journey to SQL Authority

Need help with SQL Server and database administration? Don't miss this detailed tutorial and troubleshooting blog from Pinal Dave, a principal database architect.

8. Code for Excel and Outlook

With the exceptions of Windows and Word, Excel and Outlook may be the most commonly used applications in the business environment. Learn how to effectively program for them with this comprehensive tutorial blog.

9. Coding Horror

No matter how perfect your code, there's always human users - and programmers. Don't miss this amusing commentary on the trials, tribulations and joys of the human side of computer programming.

10. The Daily WTF

This site is for those times when all you can do is stare at your code and laugh.

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