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See our list of the top free online payroll accounting courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Online Payroll Accounting Courses for Credit

Free online training programs focusing specifically on payroll accounting are more often found on private companies' websites. Topics relevant to payroll accounting might also be covered in free online business courses available through colleges or universities, though none of the options listed in the section below confer academic credit.

Students who would like to apply their online learning toward a degree program might want to consider the courses offered by Every class includes free lesson transcripts. Registered members who pay a small fee can also access video lessons and self-assessment quizzes in the Accounting 101: Financial Accounting course, making it one of the quickest and easiest ways for online learners to start earning real college credit. Some of the chapters included in this course are listed below:

Free Online Non-Credited Payroll Accounting Courses

Accounting 101 by Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Through Kutztown's Small Business Development Center's Online Learning Programs, students can access this free introductory accounting class. Course material is presented through animated slides. Other materials include worksheets and a glossary. The center also offers classes in preparing profit and loss statements, cash budgets and balance sheets.

Basic Accounting by BizFilings

A resource for small business owners, this site offers a variety of free articles that may be of interest to someone starting a small business. To find information on setting up a payroll for a business, the user can use the search function in the upper right corner and search the term 'payroll'. Articles include steps to setting up a payroll, payroll taxes and controlling payroll.

Bean Counting 101 by Arnold S. Grundvig, Jr.

This course introduces the student to basic accounting. It covers financial statements, loans, debit and credits, payroll, journals and general ledgers through text slides. There is also an accounting terms glossary.

Financial Accounting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A broad, comprehensive class, this free course covers balance sheets, financial statements, cash flow and other areas in accounting and payroll. It's geared towards students interested in accounting from a management perspective. Course materials include lecture notes, recitations, midterm review, problem sets and exams (with solutions) in .pdf format.

Introduction to the Context of Accounting by the Open University

Users get an overview of the fundamentals of accounting from its origins to accounting information systems. The free online course includes activities (with answers) and practical examples.

Management Accounting by New Jersey Institute of Technology

Users are provided with an understanding of essential concepts in financial accounting in this OpenCourseWare project. Topics covered include basic concepts in accounting, accounting equation, financial reports, double entry, adjusting entries and cash flow statements, among others. A video player is needed to view the lectures.

Payroll 101 by CompuPay

This course provides the user with a review of basic payroll concepts through text and pictures. Students learn about taxes, calculating a payroll, business structure, employees, Fair Labor Standards Act, exempt and non-exempt employees, independent contractors and payroll dates.

Payroll 101 by Intuit

This free, text-based course is designed as a general guide to concepts in payroll accounting. Students can also use the site as a reference to review concepts, as well as access the site's payroll glossary. Intuit is a provider of finance software and encourages the use of its products.

Payroll Accounting by Accounting Coach

This course focuses on payroll accounting and financial statement reporting. It covers accounting basics, such as withholding taxes and payroll journals. Quizzes, a question and answer section and example journal entries are provided, in addition to an online accounting dictionary.

Quick Books 2012 by Brigham Young University - Hawaii

This is a free video tutorial in Quick Books 2012 at the introductory level. It shows users transactions applicable to working in a retail shop. It also demonstrates how one could implement a manual payroll system using Quick Books.

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