Legal Administration Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Legal administrators assist attorneys with research and preparations, as well help oversee the daily operations of a law firm. Legal administration degree and certificate programs will prepare you for positions such as legal secretary, legal assistant, paralegal or law office administrator.

Essential Information

These careers require varied levels of education and experience, and different law firms may have different requirements based on their expectations for a particular position. Legal administration positions require you to be technology-savvy with good research and writing skills. Coursework within a legal administration program will involve subjects such as legal research and writing, law administration procedures and accounting for legal practices.

  • Program Levels: Bachelor's, master's, graduate certificate.
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED; undergraduate degree is required for admission to the graduate level.
  • Online Availability: Commonly available online.

Bachelor's Degrees in Legal Administration

In addition to a legal office administration major, you can also concentrate your studies in administration through a bachelor's degree program in legal studies. Many programs include an internship or practicum to apply skills learned in a legal environment and gain knowledge from experienced professionals. A 4-year bachelor's degree program typically has no prerequisites aside from a high school education; however, if you enroll in 2-year completion program, you'll need to have earned an associate degree.

Bachelor's degree programs are designed to introduce you to the U.S. justice system and outline the function and purpose of lawyers and courts. You'll learn how to perform case research and manage administrative and technical aspects of a law office. Courses typically cover the following subjects:

  • Legal research
  • Law office management
  • Accounting for legal practices
  • Law firm marketing
  • Law office technology

Graduate Certificate in Legal Administration

Post-baccalaureate certificate programs in legal administration may serve you well if you don't want to complete a graduate degree or if you hold a degree in another field. Some schools offer training that prepares you for paralegal certification.

Certificate programs in legal administration require you to have completed a bachelor's degree. Some schools recommend law office or legal administration experience. Without the necessary background, you might need to take introductory courses in computer science.

Some legal administration certificate programs allow you to select coursework to meet career needs, such as legal specialty education, paralegal studies or legal office management courses. Common topics include:

  • Legal writing and research
  • Judicial processes
  • World judicial systems
  • Survey of courts

Master's Degrees in Legal Administration

Master's degree programs in legal administration could include specialized education in law office, U.S. court or international court administration. You can also find Master of Arts in Legal Studies and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs that offer concentrations in legal administration. A master's degree can usually be earned in two years, and some schools provide online learning.

A bachelor's degree is commonly required to enroll in a master's program. You'll usually need to submit scores from a graduate school entrance exam and an essay describing your interest in the field. MBA students are recommended to have at least two years' work experience before enrolling in the program.

Business-oriented curricula, such as that found in MBA programs, focus on business management, marketing, finance and accounting. Concentrated studies include courses in law office management, research and legal writing. Legal administration courses teach the fundamentals of working with clients, overseeing law office employees and operating a law office. Some common course topics include:

  • Information technology for law offices
  • Law office financial management
  • Legal administration procedures and research
  • Communicating with courts
  • Methods for recruiting law firm employees
  • Law office facility management

Popular Career Options

After graduating with a bachelor's degree, you can qualify for office management and support positions at legal firms. Some possible job titles include:

  • Legal assistant
  • Legal product manager
  • Legal secretary
  • Law office administrator

If you're currently working in a legal office, you could complete a certificate program to enhance your skills or advance your career. Some possible career options include:

  • Paralegal administrator
  • Paralegal supervisor
  • Court administrator
  • Legal office manager

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipated a 17% job growth for legal assistants and paralegals between 2012 and 2022 ( In May 2014, the BLS reported that the median annual salary for legal secretaries was $42,770, while paralegals and legal assistants earned a median income of $48,350 per year.

Continuing Education Information

If you possess a solid background in legal administration, you may also complete a post-baccalaureate certificate or master's degree program in administration or paralegal studies. You can also use the legal administration bachelor's program as preparation for law school.

Laws change on a regular basis, and legal administrators must keep up with the changes through continuing education. State bar associations and legal assistant organizations offer weekend courses or online seminars in a variety of legal interests. Associations, such as the National Association of Legal Assistants and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, offer professional membership and voluntary certification programs that could advance a career or improve earning potential.

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