Library Technician Courses and Classes Overview

Library technician courses offer study in library systems as well as library services and operations. Examine the most common types of library technician classes.

Essential Information

Library technician courses are found in library technical assistant undergraduate certificate and associate degree programs. They are also a part of associate degree programs in library media technology and library and information technology. Individuals interested in taking stand-alone classes may be able to find them at community and city colleges. Traditional classroom and distance learning options may be available.

List of Common Library Technician Courses

The course descriptions below describe the typical curriculum of the most commonly offered library technician courses.

Basic Library Course

This introductory course provides an overview of library services and the history and types of libraries. Students gain an understanding of library classification systems, as well as databases and catalog development. This course covers library terminology, procedures and organizational structure. Individuals learn use and maintenance of audio and visual equipment and research tools available for patrons.

Library Technical Services Course

Individuals examine the role of the library technician and the duties this individual performs. This course discusses circulation and collection management, reserve collections and the supervision of staff. Students learn about the maintenance and care of catalogs, books, electronic equipment and media. Participants also review copyright laws, and the Library Bill of Rights.

Library Cataloging Course

Individuals review the practices and procedures used to catalog all types of library materials. Students learn how to use subject and descriptive cataloging and to apply required forms for both traditional and online catalog records. This course examines the proper use of bibliographies and the classification of reference sources.

School Library Course

This course focuses on the school library and the services it provides to children, including literature and electronic resources. Individuals review the history and philosophy of school libraries. The evaluation and selection of library material is discussed, as well as the availability of popular and classical literature. Students explore the role of storytelling and other ways to share literature. Current trends for youth programming and common literature activities are also examined.

Library Acquisitions Course

This course teaches the function and goals of library acquisitions. Students explore the guidelines for material selection and learn how to assess information needs for the library. Topics look at the financial management of a materials budget, the relationship with vendors and the ethical issues involved in library acquisitions. Other studies include the use of weeding for proper collection maintenance and the development of shared resources between libraries. This course also reviews issues related to censorship and copyright.

Electronic Information Research

Students examine the sources of electronic information available for library users. This course focuses on the understanding and use of online databases, Internet resources, newsgroups, e-mail, blogs and other means of obtaining information. Individuals learn techniques and strategies to search digital and online databases. Basic computer applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are also introduced.

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