List of Free Freight Broker Training Programs and Courses

See our list of free freight broker training courses and programs. Learn what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Freight Broker Training Courses and Programs

Most freight broker training programs available online require the student to pay. However, this article discusses OpenCourseWare (OCW) and a free guide from the U.S. Department of Transportation that could be helpful to potential freight brokers. None of the courses discussed in this article can be taken for credit.

Free Freight Broker Training Courses and Programs

Air Transportation Systems Architecting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This OCW course explains how to plan and create an air transportation system, taking into account societal, manufacturing, legal, regulatory, environmental, market, economic and technical factors. Course materials include a selection of lectures by reputable industry men and women. Topics include technical considerations for autonomous formation flying systems, economics of commercial cargo operations and avionics. Additional course materials included with the course are a team project and several student presentations.

Economics of Marine Transportation Industries at MIT

This OCW course explores the economics related to marine transportation and natural resources. A few required readings are available online, but the rest must be purchased or found by the student. Course materials include selected lectures on the time value of money, liquefied natural gas shipping and fast freight ships. Additionally, there are two assignments with solutions.

Export and Import Training Videos by the U.S. Census Bureau

The videos on this site cover trade data and export strategy, planning and trade agreements, export regulations and compliance and electronic export information. Each section includes 2-10 videos covering sub-topics such as foreign trade zones, state exports and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Export Tutorials at Global Edge Michigan State University

Tutorials are categorized under the main topics of export readiness, government regulations, marketing and sales, financial considerations and logistics. Specific tutorial topics include customs brokers and freight forwarders, required export documents, export payment forms, trade leads and location of potential markets. Tutorials are in text format with associated links.

International Trade Basics at Radford University

The tutorial is a series of slides focusing on trade and the state of Virginia. Topics include Virginia trading partners, the changing import and export environment, globalization, assessing markets and corruptions. There are 77 slides, most of which are shorter than two minutes.

Introduction to Transportation Systems at MIT

This graduate-level course focuses on transportation systems fundamentals and effective operation. This course includes lectures on subjects like traveler transportation, freight transportation and transportation themes. This course also includes a reading list, assignments and a final exam with solutions.

Logistics Systems at MIT

The course takes a managerial perspective and looks at supply chains and logistics systems, along with techniques, approaches and analytical tools used in their operation and design. The focus of the course is how to reduce costs and improve supply chain performance. Course materials include most lectures and assignments. Reading materials are not provided with this course.

Small Entity Compliance Guide for Broker Operations by the U.S. Department of Transportation

This is a guide for freight brokers to help them understand and comply with the statues and regulations of the industry. This 32-page guide covers how to apply for a motor carrier number and operating authority. It also explains what happens if a broker isn't in compliance with regulations. A list of exempt commodities is among the resources included with this guide.

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