List of Free Guitar Courses and Lessons

See our list of the top free online guitar courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Free Online Guitar Course and Lesson Info

Students won't be able to find online free guitar courses or lessons at not-for-profit or public schools. After completing any of the following courses or lessons, students won't be able to earn college credit. The length of a course or lesson is determined by the work pace of the student.


Fender offers free online training for guitarists interested in blues, rock, metal and country styles of playing. The videos featured on this website offer basic guitar tabs and close-up camera views on the instructor's hands. The Lead Guitar Basics lesson examines pull-offs, muting, slides, scales and hammer-ons. In the Rock Rhythm Guitar course, students learn about chord riffs, power chords, shuffles and single-note riffs, as well as how to play like famous guitarists. offers online training for various playing styles, including blues, bluegrass, classical, jazz, metal, rock and country. All lessons provide a free training video and supplementary guitar tablature. The Basic Color Chords lesson shows students how to adjust the sound of a chord by adding an extra note. The video in this course shows chord progression that uses G, D and A minor. The Beginning Hybrid Picking Lick lesson trains students on how to use their bottom 3 fingers while using a guitar pick. Students taking the Chromatic Scale lesson learn how to play all musical notes within an octave. They also learn finger-stretching and picking techniques and how to properly play positions.


Gibson presents materials covering foundational skills, styles, power workouts and song lessons. Their training materials consist of videos and written descriptions. The Barre Chords lesson shows students how to perform 5th and 6th string barre chords, as well as how to mix barre chords with open chords. Foundational rhythm and blues guitar techniques are covered in the Major 7th Chords course. Students can also learn single and 2-note grooves and various 7th chord variations and forms. The Using the Entire Fretboard lesson provides basic skills training for students looking utilize all of the sounds found along a guitar's neck.

Guitar Lesson Insider

Guitar Lesson Insider provides students with 140 free online guitar lessons. Depending on the tutorial, students may utilize guitar tablature, training videos and written descriptions. In choosing the Acoustic Guitar: Major Chords lesson, students learn how to perform G, E, D, C, A, B and F major chords. The Beginner Guitar: Holding and Strumming tutorial trains students on how to hold a pick, strum without a pick, place fingers on the guitar's neck and play different notes. Students gain experience reading and playing chromatic and A major scales in the Electric Guitar: Scale Charts course. offers training videos and written explanations for lessons covering basic guitar skills, guitar chords and scales, play styles, guitar theory, ear training, fretboard navigation and music reading. If students register with this website, they can gain access to a free practice routine generator. The How to Tune a Guitar lesson trains students on the proper use of pedal, handheld and clip-on tuners. Students who have never played a guitar can learn basic techniques in the Learn to Play Guitar lesson, which covers B, E and A chord progressions. The Sweep Picking Technique lesson shows students how to play notes in succession while picking down or up. has free training through videos, guitar tablature and written lesson overviews. Justin's Beginner Guitar Course provides 10 levels of training that cover guitar anatomy, metronome use, rhythm guitar basics, various chords, triplet rhythms, capo use and open position notes. At the end of this course, students can participate in a comprehensive test. In addition to this course, students also have access to song tablature, various music genre techniques, ear training tools and practice routines.

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