List of Free Human Services Classes and Courses

Learn about human services with these free online courses. See the full list of free human services classes, and find the course that's right for you.

Information About Online Human Services Course Requirements

Students interested in learning more about public or private human services can take free courses through OpenCourseWare programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts - Boston and The Johns Hopkins University, among others. These institutions offer both undergraduate and graduate classes. The programs below are not offered for credit and don't give students any grades, but users can download a variety of course materials, including assignments and lecture notes.

List of Free Online Human Services Courses

Collaborative Consultation and Larger Systems at University of Massachusetts - Boston

Reading assignments are the primary materials for this course. Students explore the best way to reach families who may not be accessing particular services offered to them. Students learn to work collaboratively with families, communities and human services agencies to match people's needs with available resources. A variety of recommended readings are provided and can help students properly complete the class assignments.

Housing and Human Services at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This graduate-level class explores the similarities and differences between the human services system and the housing system. Brief lecture notes, reading assignments and a detailed description of the group assignment are available. Students can examine how housing and human services teams can work together to move people into safe and affordable housing, with a particular look at the homeless, mentally ill, elderly, criminal and AIDS populations.

Introducing Social Work Practice at The Open University

This free course provides an overview of the work that social workers perform and the standards of the social work practice. Students also learn how to deal with the special needs of children. The course consists of six extracts from an original course that offered credit.

Promoting Positive Development Among Youth at Tufts University

The goal of this course is to find ways to enrich today's youth through community-based programs and activities that foster togetherness and positive thinking. The curriculum includes readings and lectures. The class also looks at encouraging youths to participate in civil society.

Social Work Learning Practice at The Open University

This course includes lectures with correlating audio clips. The class explores the various backgrounds and experiences individuals in social work have. The audio clips are taped interviews of service providers in the social work field.

Spirituality and Human Services at University of Oregon

These educational videos look at people's different spiritual backgrounds and how their beliefs relate to human services work. The diversity of people in different regions is discussed in the lectures. The course consists of 10 lecture videos with various guest speakers. The videos can be viewed on YouTube.

Substance Abuse and the Family at University of Massachusetts - Boston

The graduate-level course provides reading and writing assignments, lecture notes and participation assignments that outline the effects of substance abuse within the family unit. Course materials include assessment techniques, appropriate interventions and other assistive resources for human services practitioners.

Understanding Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care at The Johns Hopkins University

The lessons in this course prepare students to apply cost-effectiveness strategies to the human services field. Reading assignments and lectures cover opportunity costs, budgetary costs, concepts in health care policymaking and analytical skills. Some special software may be required to access lecture notes and course materials.

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