List of Free Online Acting Courses, Classes, Lessons and Workshops

See our list of the top free online acting courses, classes, lessons and workshops. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

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Students won't be able to receive feedback from instructors; however, free acting courses may provide text for students to download, or recommend plays and books for student use. Video or audio clips may also be available to students. Academic credits and degrees aren't available for these courses.

Free Online Acting Course List

Acting at the National Theatre

The National Theatre of London, England, makes this free collection of videos available for aspiring actors. Discussions with various stage actors broach topics such as acting in multimedia productions, keeping roles fresh, the importance of rehearsals and what it's like working in acting companies. Users also have access to sets of videos concerned with related topics, such as casting, costume, dance, lighting, props, sound and special effects.

Approaching Plays at The Open University

Students will learn technical terms associated with plays through this 7-lesson course with related activities. Topics include dialogue, stage directions, play structure and dramatic conventions. The text lessons may be printed or viewed online. In addition to the lessons, there's a terminology glossary and a suggested reading list.

Classical Drama and Theatre at Utah State University

The 16 lessons of this free online course include text, photographs, readings, links to other resources and PowerPoint slides that appear as PDF files. Learners will study the origins of theatre/drama, Greek classical theatre, Roman comedy, Roman tragedy and late classical theatre/drama. A list of related readings is available in some lessons.

Introduction to Drama at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students will examine a sampling of plays with various types of dramatic structure and may complete writing assignments. Videos of several class sessions are available, showing performances and class discussions. Some of the required texts are available online through Project Gutenberg.

Stagework at the National Theatre

By clicking on 'Events & Workshops', students can view actors talk about their craft or specific productions through videos. Eight events and workshops are available to view. Access is also available to lesson plans (under 'For Teachers') and videos of production rehearsals.

Studies in Drama: Stoppard and Churchill at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This free online course focuses on the English dramatists, Tom Stoppard and Caryl Churchill, while addressing the topics of interpretation, literary history and performance. Select text and image materials are available in PDF format. Students interested in purchasing the texts used can find them on the required readings list.

Understanding Theatre at Utah State University

This free 9-unit course includes text 'workshops' for areas such as theatre basics, literary arts of theatre, design arts of theatre and theatre history. Links are available for some of the assigned readings and some of the sample activities include writing a play critique and watching a play.

Voice Over Experts at

In this lesson, several podcasts on the topic of voice acting are available for online viewing or download. Users can find out what voice acting is, how to become comfortable with their own voices, how to audition for this market and how to clarify a character's voice.

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