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See our list of top free online courses, classes and learning materials in airline training. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Airline Training Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

Free online airline training courses are available from universities' OpenCourseWare (OCW) projects, as well as through governmental and aviation organizations like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This article touches on a few of the many resources available. Some of the FAA's free online courses may be taken for credit, but the other resources listed in this article don't result in the user earning an academic credit.

Free Online Airline Training Course List

Aerodynamics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Part of MIT's OCW project, the course includes a syllabus and a list of readings, along with PDF lecture notes and study materials; sample assignments, exams and projects; and study questions with answers. Aerodynamics investigates the air flow around a body. The free undergraduate course is divided into four sections: subsonic potential flows, viscous flows, wings and airfoils aerodynamics, and supersonic and hypersonic flow in airfoil theory.

Air Traffic Control at MIT

Individuals curious about how the air traffic control system operates and how the system coordinates airline traffic in and out of the world's airports can get a look at the industry through this free OCW course. Some of the lecture notes from the campus-based course include presentations from guest lecturers. The lectures address such topics as air traffic control systems, air traffic flow management, airport operations and modernization.

Aircraft Maintenance Documentation for AMTs by the FAA

This course, designed for aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs), reviews the requirements to properly document aircraft maintenance. It discusses documentation problems that can result in FAA enforcement actions or maintenance errors. The slide show can be played using Windows Media Player or Flash. The course also provides links and scan codes for individuals who want to download the maintenance checklist to their cell phone. Credit for the completion of the course can be obtained via four paths, which are outlined on the course homepage.

Aircraft Systems Engineering at MIT

This is a graduate-level course that covers system realization, risk management and analysis, reliability and safety, aircraft subsystems, lifecycles topics and basic systems engineering. It focuses specifically on the analysis of the Space Shuttle's systems engineering. The free course materials included in this OCW course are a syllabus, a list of readings in PDF format, videos of all lectures, final presentations (in PDF format) of selected students projects, an image gallery and a shuttle operations video.

Airline Management at MIT

Through a full set of PDF lecture notes and links to free readings, self-directed learners can explore the economics and business decisions of operating an airline. This course doesn't include any exercises or exams.

Airline Schedule Planning at MIT

This free resource covers airline scheduling for flight and cabin crews, maintenance and positioning aircraft. PowerPoint and PDF lecture notes go over routing, commodity flows and mathematical models for booking passengers. Readings are cited, but not linked or included in the free online course. Three problem sets allow practice with scheduling, but solutions aren't provided.

Aviation Videos at the University of North Dakota

After clicking on the 'AeroCast' link, users can find videos covering the Chandelle maneuver, steep turns and faulty approaches, among other topics. The video presentations within the 'ATCast' link address radar identification, wake turbulence, radar, runway incursions, holding and ground control. There's also a series of videos on flying a helicopter.

Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics by NASA

This site is a self-paced study of aerodynamics geared towards middle school to college students. There is an accompanying website for younger students. The Index of Podcast page contains a series of free videos on topics such as lift, drag, thrust, pitch, yaw and roll. Topics explore kites, propulsion, model rockets, aerodynamics and wind tunnels.

Safety Publications and Articles by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

This is a collection of files in PDF format on aviation safety-related topics. Topic categories cover the weather, proficiency and operations, spatial disorientation, regulations and technology. Within the categories, the user may choose to read about aircraft deicing, fuel awareness, lights-out, engine operations and propeller safety.

System Safety at MIT

This free online course covers management of safety critical systems and projects, hazard and accident analysis, safety control, occupational safety and safety designs. The course includes a syllabus, readings list, some lectures in PDF format and some assignments that are optional to complete.

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