List of Free Online American Sign Language Training Programs

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) with these free online training programs. See the full list of free ASL training programs and find the program that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Training Programs in American Sign Language (ASL)

Free online ASL training programs are typically self-paced and don't result in course credit. Some organizations also provide supplementary materials to enhance learning, and many include videos that may require additional software, such as QuickTime. Free online ASL dictionaries are also acceptable resources for learning ASL. Although ASL dictionaries don't provide lesson plans or guided learning, students can still find videos or images demonstrating correct signing.

Free ASL Training Programs

ASL 1 at ASL University

ASL 1 is one of two free ASL courses offered online by ASL University. Courses are separated into six units that contain five lessons each and include quizzes, numbers practice and fingerspelling practice activities. Most lessons consist of objectives, vocabulary, practice sentences and stories for translation. Each lesson contains visual diagrams and instructor-led videos to show students acceptable signing.

ASL 2 at Start ASL

This course is the second in a series of three progressive ASL courses. Training includes fingerspelling, reading assignments, videos, conversion sentences and various tips for perfecting skills. These courses cover topics in numbers, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.

ASL for the Deaf at Lesson Tutor

This ASL training program is offered in three series that consist of 12 lessons each. Along with an explanation article, each lesson also presents visual diagrams on proper ASL form. Worksheets are available to demonstrate training. Students can utilize Lesson Tutor's ASL dictionary to translate additional signs.

Classifiers in ASL at John A. Logan College

This training is offered through 15 videos that require QuickTime and Flash players to operate. Each video is presented with a written description. These training videos show students how to present location, movement and appearance signs.

Fingerspelling at John A. Logan College

The fingerspelling program consists of 126 training videos. Students can also find word lists of the signed words used in each video. Students who feel confident in their training can participate in related personal tests.

Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases at Expert Village

The common phrases instruction is separated in 15 parts, and all training is offered through videos that are 2-3 minutes long. These videos teach students to emphasize sign images, body language and facial expression while signing.

Free ASL Dictionaries

ASL Browser at Michigan State University

Signing on this website is demonstrated through fingerspelling images for letters and short videos for words. Each video is supplemented by a written description explaining why certain signs are made.

ASL Dictionary at Handspeak

Handspeak's ASL dictionary sorts common words alphabetically using videos to demonstrate signing. Each word is also offered with definitions, synonyms and related notes. Students can search English-to-ASL, ASL-to-English and ASL medical terms.

ASL Dictionary at

This ASL dictionary provides alphabetical categorization and visual aides to translate common words. After students become familiar with words covered in this dictionary, they can demonstrate their knowledge by deciphering fingerspelling videos found on the website.

Sign Language Dictionary at Signing Savvy

Students can choose to browse signing categories according to letter, fingerspelling, numbers, colors, baby signs, animals and geography. Short videos demonstrate signs to help students learn proper hand and finger movements. For a fee, Signing Savvy also offers additional services, such as printable flash cards and mobile apps.

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